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Text-Editing from Notes – Logic to HTML

I have developed at my company Instrumentation laboratory a textobject to solve the the problem of tracking changes to text. This solution has evolved into an interface for text maintenance and several other possibilities including HTML maintenance, full text search and an interface into standard SAP text maintenance.

My original idea was to blog here a step by step guide to recreate the textobject I have developed at my company. After posting it as code samples and then starting here a blog, I realized that this will not be very helpful for you. One of the emails pointed me to SAPlink. So here is now my first version of the text object based on nuggets with  SAPlink.

To be able to make use of the code you first need to download and install SAPlink on your system. Use the following link to get the install.

I can not upload the nuggets on to SDN has far as I know. I have put the files you need here: Downloads

Let me know what you think.

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