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Send WI to a Distribution List

The article demonstrates how to send a WI (Work Item) to a Distribution List (DLI) without determining the users in that list.

Following steps will help to use a DLI as agent:

Step 1:
Create a Rule with details as shown below. Use Transaction PFAC to create a Rule.

Here, SWX_DLI_READ_FOR_ROLE is a standard FM which will store the users of the DLI in ACTOR_TAB.

Step 2:
Create a container element for the Rule. The Rule container element must be named as DLI_NAME as the FM SWX_DLI_READ_FOR_ROLE used in the Rule references the variable named DLI_NAME to determine the users of DLI.

Step 3:
While defining the Agents for the WI, use the Rule created above.

Here, 99700074 is the Rule created by above described method.

Step 4:
Define binding for the Rule as shown below.

Here, WF_W_DLI_NAME is a WF container element which contains the value of the DLI to be used and is of same data type as that of Rule container element DLI_NAME.

Thus, the task is achieved.

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