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Moving a Development Component (DC) to another track or Software Component (SC).

  *Moving a Development Component (DC) to another track or Software Component. *


Based on SAP-Note 888969


*Preconditions * ** Users of this DC have access to the target SC. This is necessary to ensure that usage relationships are not broken after the move of this DC. ** All Integration conflicts in this DC have been resolved. ** You have administrator rights (You especially need the INTEGRATE permission on the DTR workspaces). ** You have activated the “DTR Admin” plug-in in the NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS). You can do this by renaming *+plugin.xml.disabled+*+ +file under +the \eclipse\plugins\com.tssap.dtr.client.eclipse.admin\ +to *+plugin.xml+*.


*Steps to perform* 1. Open Netweaver Development Studio (NWDS) and open the “Development Configurations” Perspective. Select the Development Configuration for the development system of the SC and go to the “Inactive DCs” View/Tab.   2. Navigate to the DC of interest and ‘sync only’ the sources. *DON’T BUILD *(uncheck the ‘Build DCs after sync’-checkbox)





Go to the DTR Repository Browser. On the “_comp” folder of the DC choose “Edit files in Subtree”. Note: this action will add every resource below this folder.





Check in the activity and activate it.



Integrate the activity into the “dev*/inactive*” workspace of the target SC. (This can be done through the context menu available on an activity in the “Closed Activities” view).   image   6. In this example we moved the activity from NS_EHRM to NS_EHRM_PORTAL. *Always* choose *inactive. *   image   7. The following activity is created and will be shown in the activation view. You can recognize it by the following icon image.   image   8. In the “dev/inactive” workspace of the target *SC*, create the .dcref file in the “SCs/…/TopLevelDCs” folder. This is a file *with no content* and a *name* that reflects the hierarchical path of the DC location (And since this name contains the SC name, it cannot be “integrated” from the source to the target workspace like the other files representing the DC). This file is needed for every Top-Level DC inside an SC. (Note: See existing .dcref files to understand the naming convention)   image   9. Checkin and activate the activity containing this newly added .dcref file.   10. If you move the dc in the same track this will result in error. *You can activate the request later.*   11. At this point, the DC has been copied from one SC to another. Now we need to delete the DC in the source SC.   image   12. Delete all files and folder underneath _comp. You can’t delete the DC folder name and the _comp folder. Deleting some of the folder while automatically create an activity. Just activate it and make sure everything is deleted.   13. Delete the .dcref from the source.   image   14. *Now* you can activate the previous activity which failed in step 10.   image

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