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BW Accelerator Upgrade: P1

After BWA upgrade we suddenly started facing multiple errors, I will try briefing my experience and learning from the first one.




While running the Analysis Process Designer (APD) it failed giving the error message as below.



Short Dump with MESSAGE_TYPE_X



When running the query from Analyzer we were getting the error:



When running the query from RSRT



Analysis and Solution 


But shockingly we were getting this error for a selective set of queries, with no pattern.


Then with the help of SAP we were able to solve this problem by switching off the FEMS compression.


Thanks to the BIA Series blog link below this became very useful for us.


BIA BLOG Series, Part VIII: Improvements and major parameter changes for BI Accelerator


On doing more digging we found that as we were at a support package SAPKW70015 and FEMS functionality is available only from SAPKW70016 onwards.


But this was not the end to my curiosity. I still wanted to know, WHY?? Why only few queries got impacted then.


Then I got my answer from note 1118425.


FEMS-compression reduces the result set of queries which select the same data in different structure restrictions (FEMS-restrictions) by only returning it once and after- wards sorting it to create the query-result. This feature doesn’t affect each query; it depends on the query design.E.g. if you only use a global filter it will not be used.


Finally got rid of this problem, but this was not the only problem we faced. There are some more interesting issues which I would like to share with my future blogs.

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