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Automatic Trigger Extract: Steps/ Procedures for Configuration

What happens when “Trigger Extract” button for a device is clicked in the DOE Admin ??

Please have a look into the below figure.


In the above figure,the pending extracts for the device “DEMO01” is shown.The figure clearly reprensts that there are two data objects from which instances are ready to flow from CDS to device. 15 insatances from one data object and 1 data object from the other,

Now ,how does this happen?(ie how does data flow to the device outbound queue.This happens when “trigger extract” is done.When extract is done,the data flows to the device thereby making the pending extract of data objects instances to be null.

Method 1 : Configure Refreah Queue

Click on the “Configure Refreah Queue   as shown in the below figure.



The following screen appears on clicking “Configure Refresh Queue”


By default,”Dont Refresh Queue” radio button will be selected.Now select the option “Asynchronously” as shown in the below figure.



When this option is selected, the option” All Data Objects”(beloW) will be selected automatically.

This option selects all the data objects of the DM Swcv assigned to this particular device.If we need to select particuular data objects for automatic trigger extract, we need to select “Selected data objects” and then select data objects one by one.

Save ..

This completes the first methos for automating “Trigger Extract “.Now when ever any data object instance(which is configured) has ready to be extracted, then the data object instance will pushed automatically to the device outbound queue.

Method 2:

In this method, the configuration is done in the DOE Configuration


Select the parameter “DO_SYNC_EXTRACT”

Click on “INSERT” in the parameter list table as shown belowimage

Select  the data object(for which trigger extract has to be made automatic) of a particular SWCV from the help available  and mark “X” in the text value column as shown below.





Save.Now the data object marked as “X” is configured for trigger extract to be done automatically.

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