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Have you ever wondered, how you can lookup an SAP expert in your area of interest from the huge list of SAP Mentors.This dashboard will help you find them 😉
You can download it here
1. Displays profile picture of the Mentor (Changes automatically when the user updates their pic on SCN).
2. Displays icons if the SCNer is a Moderator/Top Contributor/SAP Press Author
3. Displays area of expertise and a short bio of the Mentor
4. Links to their Twitter account
5. Links to their web pages i.e. Wiki/Blogs/Personal Blogs


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  1. Former Member

    Great work! -:D Thank so you much for supporting the SAP Mentors…and I’m not saying this because I’m on your blog picture -;)

    Great work again…keep on bringing contributions!


      1. Former Member

        -:) I think it’s just a matter of logical order…ABAP starts with “A” as well as my name “Alvaro” -:)

        Or maybe I’m secretly paying to raise my on-line participation LOL


  2. Mark Finnern
    Hi Anil,

    Love that directory. The only thing missing, or may be I overlooked it, a way to select all SAP Mentors.

    It would be nice to be able to quickly go down the whole list one by one.

    If you could share where you are pulling the data from would also be good to know. Is it all from the SAP Mentor list: of SAP Mentors (A-J)

    Twitter links from the SAP Mentors twitter account: Or the SAP Mentor twitter list:

    Let us know, may be in another blog post.

    Thanks, Mark.


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