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To upload IMR or upload PDR: that is the question

To upload IMR or upload PDR: that is the question

As you all know for the Full-Service option PostalOne! requires either the IMR or the PDR record type to send data for a Mail.dat job. A Mail.dat job cannot have a mixture of IMR and PDR files. According to PostalOne! an IMR shall be used when the range contains multiple mail pieces. If each range has only one mail piece, use the PDR.

So to ensure efficient optimal performance we would suggest

  • to use PDR instead of IMR if you are using pre-assigned IMb sequence number . The IMR file generated from this setup can be very large and take considerable time to upload into the PostalOne! system.
  • If you are letting Presort assign the sequence numbers then it is suggested to use IMR because all serial numbers will be in a sequence and the number of records in the IMR file will be much smaller than the number of records in the PDR file.
  • If the sequence number comes from mixed sources (like some pieces auto-assigned by Presort and another pre-assigned), you should use PDR.  

You can control which one to create IMR or PDR in your Mail.dat block of the jobfile by using these two parameters.

Create IDEA PDR File (Y/N)……….. =

Create IDEA IMR File (Y/N)……….. =

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