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SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 – The Ramp-Up Starts Now!

We are happy to announce that today we have started the ramp-up for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2.


With the new version of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, you are able to design and develop your “own practices” as business rule-based, SOA-enabled, composite business processes and applications with the Eclipse-based SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. You can also deploy, run, and manage those applications on a solid and scalable Java EE 5 infrastructure. Highlights of the new release include:


  • Enhanced SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management
  • Enhanced SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management
  • Service Adaptation and Composition
  • Enhanced Composite Designer
  • Enhanced Web Dynpro and Visual Composer
  • Productivity and server-side improvements


By participating in the ramp-up program, you will be among the early adopters of this software release and will enjoy the benefits of first-mover advantage in your industry.


If you are willing to apply for ramp-up, there is an Online Tool that will guide you through the customer nomination process for all solutions ensuring a simplified and automated process. Partners can apply for ramp-up through the Partner Portal.


You can find more information about the new release at:



We would also like to take this opportunity and thank you for the continuous customer feedback during the previous ramp-ups, customer validation, and beta programs. We would like to wish you a happy holiday season and a great year ahead of you!


Solution Management SOA & BPM

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  • Hello:
    First thanks for letting know the news.
    Good news infact.

    Does this mean CE 7.1 Ehp2 is going to be called
    CE 7.2 ? Normally when Ehp1 was release they call-
    ed it CE 7.1 Ehp1 or CE 7.1.1. And this Ehp1
    brought a huge new functionality.

    Where can we find out the new features coming with
    this CE 7.2 ? I had a glimpse of these new features
    from TechEd09, presentations. But having them at
    a single location is much better.

    Appreciate your help,

    Prasad Nutalapati

    • Hi Prasad,
      SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 is actually the next release after EHP1 for CE 7.1.
      For the new features, you can check the Release Notes in the documentation that I have linked to in the blog.
      Thanks and best regards,
      • Hi Viliana,

        When is the SAP Netweaver Portal 7.2 will be released which offers the complete portal platform.(Including the Wikis, Forms, Blogs, Knowledge Managemet and Collaboration functionalities).

        Thanks and Regards,


          • Hello Viliana,

            I am interested to get some information about the cost of license for 15-25 users, so that I can evaluate & build a case to encourage my client to participate in Ramp-up of CE7.2.
            Client has already shown interest after seeing the demo in nwce ehp1.
            Some idea about license cost, minimal dev, test and prod hardware requirement would be helpful.

            Note-Client already has SAP7.0 portal in high availability mode.

            Thanking in advance

          • Hi Ragu,
            Regarding the system requirements, you can check the corresponding Installation Guides on the SAP Service Marketplace at: -> section Installation -> and you will find a System Requirements section in each Installation Guide for the supported OS/DB combinations.
            As for the license costs, I would suggest that you contact your local sales representatives - they would be able to provide you with precise pricing information.
            Thanks and best regards,
  • When is the GA planned for 7.2. We are evaluating CE 7.1 currently we build our Composite application on Portal 7.0 SP 17. Would be nice to start using BPM and Rules as well enhanced VC and WebDynpro capability.

    Rather wait for 7.2 instead of using a older release CE 7.1


  • I have read the Master Guide, Installation Guides and Update Guide for CE 7.2

    1) Does the use of NW CE 7.2 require that the centrl SLD used for collecting landscape data be upgraded to CE 7.2 or is SLD on 7.1 OK. Anyways, the Solution Manager used is also 7.0

    2) Can you confirm that CE 7.2 works fine with NWDI 7.0 SP 13 and higher. This is what I understood form Master Guide. So we must be able to configure a Track in NWDI to build applicaitons for NW CE 7.2. this is supported

    • Hi Kim,

      1) yes, you can use an older just need to upgrade the content of it so that the 7.2 component information is there.

      2) Yes, you can use NWDI 7.0 SP13 or higher...this is when support of deploying to CE systems from the CMS was first supported.


    • The Central SLD/or main - (DO NOT use the SM7 SLD as your primary SLD for anything but to support SM7) needs to be equal to or higher to the highest install version Instance Installed.  Hence if you are deploying CE 7.2 you need to upgrade your Primary (should do all other too except the 'slave" SLD for SM7) to version 7.2.  It is very simple as every JAVA instance has SLD as part of it.  To install a CE 7.2 SLD (complete with RFC BRidge for ABAP), simply install CE 7.2 with only the 1st (default) function checked.  Now Finding a manual for SLD 7.2 is difficult as the only one available is for PI 7.1, but go to SAP's Help Portal, Select CE 7.2 -> configuration by Key Capability-> SLD and the "Manual" is there in electronic format.  The one thing you will find is that most everythign is now wizard controlled (make sure to run the Config & Deploy master wizards immediately after appling the latest SPS) abd then simply start at the top and work your way down.  When I installed ours, I sue a combination of the Work, Config, Admin PI 7.1 manual along with this and it went in smoothly and we have had no problems.  Its been in now for about 6 months.  ONE BIG thing to do.  LOAD THE LATEST CIM version on ALL the SLD's even the older ones as these must always be kept at the same version.

      One last item, where SLD 7.2 is a higher instance than SLD 7.1 or 7.11, and you must keep at the highest version, SPS's do not bother it.  Thus CE 7.2 SPS01 and SLD 7.2 SPS03 are the SAME instance 🙂

  • Hi,

    Is there any news about release of CE 7.2 to the customer? As I know it should be available in Q2, but can you provide more precise information, would it be in May 2010 or June 2010? We are starting SOA/BPM project but hesitate to install version 7.1 knowing that 7.2 will be released soon.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Evgeni,
      There is no specific date defined yet but we plan to still continue the ramp-up for several weeks from now. My suggestion would be that you apply for the CE 7.2 ramp-up via the link provided above ( The nomination process is still open and we continue to accept new customers in the ramp-up.
      If you are a working with a partner company, you can apply for the ramp-up via the Partner Portal (
      Thanks and best regards,