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Xcelsius 2008 Basics Videos on Youtube

Recently I’ve recorded few basic “How To” videos for Xcelsius 2008 (SP2). They have been published on the Xcelsius YouTube Channel. This blog post gives you a brief description about those videos.

There are a total of 15 Videos that walk you through the basics of Xcelsius 2008 from Basic Navigation to create a simple dashboard. All videos have been demonstrated at least with an example. So anyone who is new to Xcelsius can use them as hands on excercises.

I’ve added all the videos to a playlist (Embedded below). Any new videos will be added to the actual playlist and the below embedded playlist will be automatically updated. So please subscribe to my posts for any new updates.


  1. Getting to know the Xcelsius User Interface: This video gives a quick overview of the Xcelsius user interface.
  2. Creating a what if scenario analysis model in Xcelsius: This video shows how to create a simple what if scenario analysis model in Xcelsius.
  3. Dynamic Filtering in Xcelsius: This video shows how to use the Source Data component as well as the Insert Filtered Row option in Xcelsius
  4. Single Value Components in Xcelsius: This video gives an overview of the Single Value components in Xcelsius.
  5. Maps in Xcelsius: Map components in Xcelsius lets you createvisualizations with geographical representations of your data. Thisvideo shows how to use the Map components in Xcelsius.
  6. Enhancing the look and feel of your Xcelsius Dashboards: This video shows how to enhance the look and feel of your Xcelsius dashboards and presentations.
  7. List Builder in Xcelsius: The List Builder provides a way for users to build their own sets of data. This video shows how to use the List Builder component in Xcelsius.
  8. Selectors in Xcelsius: The functionality of selector components letsyou create a visualization with multiple selections. This video showshow to use a label based menu in Xcelsius.
  9. Importing a spreadsheet into Xcelsius: This video shows how to import an Excel spreadsheet into Xcelsius.
  10. Formatting your Xcelsius components: This video shows how to format your Xcelsius components.
  11. Exporting your Xcelsius dashboards and presentations: This video shows how to export your Xcelsius dashboards and presentations as MSFT Office documents and more.
  12. Using Alerts in Xcelsius: Alerts are commonly used to call theattention of the user to a specific item or action that has reachedsome pre-established limits. These limits are often called targets,budgets, benchmarks Etc
  13. Controlling viewer’s visibility of components in Xcelsius Dashboards: This video gives a quick overview of how to use Dynamic Visibility inXcelsius to show and hide different components in your dashboards.
  14. Creating multi-tab dashboards and presentations in Xcelsius: This video gives a quick overview of how to use the tab set componentin Xcelsius to create multi-tab dashboards and presentations.
  15. Charts: This Video demonstrates the Charting Capability in Xcelsius 2008
Note: These videos are based on Xcelsius SP2. There are many major enhancements from SP2 to SP3. I will be doing another series of video posts on SP3 in the near future. Please subscribe for regular updates.

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  • Hi Kalyan,

    Congratulations on a fantastic job putting together these Xcelsius-basics videos! Takin announced this internally, and see lots of positive comments over Twitter. I've also pointed a few newbies to the Xcelsius Youtube Channel.

    Please keep up the good work! For 2010, we're going to make the Xcelsius Community even stronger than it is, and we're looking for Xcelsius experts like yourself to lead the way. I hope you're open to this. Looking forward to your future contributions on SCN!


  • Hi,
    It's nice to see the videos but would be beneficial if you could add description as text (you can use windows movie maker) or sound along.
    See you in your next videos.


    • Point taken. I will try to add some captions for easy understanding in the subsequent videos. Right now there is narration for all videos.

      Kalyan Verma