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How to change the Address Layout for Vendors and Customers to the US format

Since my first days of joining SAP in 1997, I always had a problem with the standard address format in SAP.  I understood, being a German company, SAP would use the European format as the standard.  However, in the US this format is so alien that the end users typically do not use the fields correctly.

The standard layout of an address in the European format is Street/House number, Postal Code/City, Country, Region as shown here:


The problem with this format in the US is that no one really wants the house number on the right hand side of the street field, or the Postal Code (whatever that is) on the left side of the city.  Most clients populate the Street field with the House number and Street.  Obviously this is not an ideal situation, as we like to have our data in its separate and correct field.

As of 4.6, SAP delivered the ability to change the address layout.  This was a great improvement, except for where they put the configuration item.  The people most likely to use this new configuration object are the functional consultants.  So, why they put it in the IMG path of SAP Netweaver -> Application Server -> Basis Services -> Address Management -> International Settings -> Choose Address Screen Layout is beyond me.  However, I digress and just thank them for finally giving us what we need.  Here is the menu path to change the address layout and a screenshot of the layout set to the US format:



Now, with this set, we can go back into our vendor creation screen and see the new address format as such:


The other advantage of this setting is that the Zip code is no longer named Postal Code, and the Region is now State.  Most consultants that have been in the system for a long period of time may not care about this, but I can promise you that a new client of SAP truly enjoys these small changes.

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  • The configuration setting allows for a default setting at client level only. If you run a multi country system, you can apply PID ADDRESS_SCREEN to the user's parameters to allow them to view the addresses with 1 of the other standard layouts (001 for Europe/standard, to 004 for USA, to 005 for Canada, or to 013 for Japan)