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Go Beyond the Expected – Personalized Content Management for E-Mail Marketing

You want to make your E-Mail Marketing more personalized, so that it doesn´t look like an automated bulk E-Mail… But I´m not just talking about an email that greets you by name.  Most of your customers and prospects will only realise that the email is not a ‘bulk’ E-Mail until they read the first paragraph, and if the email actually contains information useful to them… which it should, then chances are pretty good they will read on and your response rates will increase.


There is a simple and powerful way to personalize messages when you want to send a marketing E-Mail or distribute a newsletter… using SAP CRM Mail Forms. 


Personalized communication copy or visual content, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases. No other medium available today can have such a profound effect on your relationship with your existing and prospective clients at such a low cost.


Let me outline two basic principles which are important for efficiently personalising E-Mail Marketing content: 

  • Quality of the data you are targeting (availability of attributes for the personalisation of the message) whether it´s an external list provider or your own data
  • Flexible E-Mail Form builder which supports generating dynamic content and visuals based on certain rules and conditions for the personalisation


To show how you can create personalized content for E-Mail Marketing with SAP CRM, I created a short video with the following storyline:


  • Product Launch campaign in a B2B Scenario (Hardware Distribution Scenario)
  • Target group of the campaign are purchasing and sales responsible employees of the hardware resellers
  • Two different introduction paragraphs are created for the campaign
    • One addresses the purchasing department with only pointing to a discount which is valid over the next two weeks
    • The other is created for the sales department, outlining the new arising opportunities for new acquisitions
  • Conditions for the personalization are set up using marketing attributes


So, with Mail Forms in SAP CRM you can create E-Mail Marketing Content with a high personalization which ensures your customers and prospects will highly appreciate and will lead into increased response rates.

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  • Hi Marcus,

    thank you for this Demo illustrating the personalization features in CRM mail forms. As far as I can see from your demo you're using two complete HTML forms to make the personalization. But is it also possible to split the HTML into i.e. header, content1, content2 and footer? Where content1 and content2 are then dynamically added by evaluating the marketing attributes? This will make it possible to avoid content duplication.

    Best regards

    • Hi Gregor,

      thanks for watching the video. Yes, you are absolutely right. Wanted to show a very simple form of personalisation. Good suggestions!


  • Hi,

    Do you know if it is possible to set any validation on the Mail Form creation in order to not allow the user to attach a file which is higher than the limit size allowed by the system to send the e-mail after?