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BPM Experience, the third one!

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!!!!!

The vacations are over. It´s time to get in the project! 😀

A few days have passed since I wrote my last blog… I’ve been helping to translate the web page (COP 15 news from the youth point of view) to Spanish, but the work have been so hard that I haven’t been able to help them as much as I want, nor work on the BPM project.

You can find my post about this project My new BPM experience, a process automation and My new BPM experience, second post..

Anyway, the BPM project is my priority so this is what I’ve reached in the last days.

I’ve been following every step by step guide that I’ve found out there. My recommendation to develop those guides foro those that are learning BPM for the very best time is:

Those are very good guides, written by Donka Dimitrova, Birgit Heilig and Jie Deng. The only guide that I haven’t been able to finish is the last one “Building a composite… Guide 1” because It seems like I have the wrong source files!!!. If anyone out there knows where can I find the real source files please send me the Link!


A few days latter I found the amazing Simple Samples!

Simple sample applications for enterprise services consumption

There you can find “packages” of applications ready to be imported to your workspace and be deployed to see all the NetWeaver Potential in action!

In the Simple Samples installation documentation you will find the step by step guide to setup your NetWeaver system to actually use the real ES Workspace ERP System HU2, available for everyone registering here, to use its services and info. It means that if you install the “create purchase request” simple sample you will be able to create real purchase request in the ES workspace ERP HU2 directly from your system using the UWL of SAP Netweaver! That’s exactly what I want for my project!

You can find a lot of simple samples ordered by technology here!

To complete my project I need to use the Visual Composer simple samples services in a BPM environment (In SAP NetWeaver it would be the Process Composer Environment) but I haven’t found the best way to do it!

I’m  not sure if I should deploy the simple samples to my local Services Repository and then import them as WSDL in my process composer environment to use them in my BPM diagram, or do something like you do with the UI developed with Web Dynpro when you click on “Add to public part”…

Another way I can develop my project is downloading the WSDL directly from the HU2 and use the UI that I can find in the simple samples, but that way I don´t know how to connect the process to the HU2 system to use the info stored there…

This is the list of Simple Samples that I want to use:

Create Purchase Requisition

Create Purchase Order based on Purchase Requisition

Create Purchase Order

Change Purchase Order

Create Goods Receipt based on Purchase Order

Create Inbound Delivery Based on Purchase Order


Do you know if there is any documentation about how to use the visual composer Simple Samples to develop a BPM Project?

According to your experience, what is the best way that I can develop my project?


Thanks for your help and again, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!


Alejandro Sierra (Sirnejo)

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