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UI API For Dummies – Part 2 Items

In the second in this blog series I will show you how to make small changes via the UI API focusing on items: 


1. Disable the Accounting tab in a Sales Order

Sometimes it might be necessary to prevent certain users from accessing information in a certain form. While this can’t be controlled through the SAP Business One authorisations, it can be easily achieved via the UI API. The first option is to disable a tab – in this example we are disabling a tab/folder on the Business Partner form in Add, Find, OK and Update modes. It is important that you control this for the modes you wish to have it disabled. The following code should be copied into the ItemEvent:


If pVal.FormType = “139” Then

If pVal.FormMode = 0 Or pVal.FormMode = 1 Or pVal.FormMode = 2 Or    pVal.FormMode = 3 Then

  oform = SBO_Application.Forms.GetForm(“139”, 0)

  oitem = oform.Items.Item(“138”)

  oitem.Enabled = False

End If

End If


2. Make the Item Cost field on the Stock Data tab invisible

The ItemCost field is relevant only if the Valuation Method is set to Standard. In this example we do not want users to see this field so we will make both the textbox and it’s associated label invisible. The following code should be copied into the ItemEvent:


If pVal.FormTypeEx = “150” And pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_GOT_FOCUS And pVal.FormMode = 3 Then

  oform = SBO_Application.Forms.GetForm(“150”, 0)

  oFolder = oform.Items.Item(“26”).Specific ‘Stock Data tab

  oFolder.Select() ‘click on Stock Data tab

End If


If pVal.FormTypeEx = “150” And pVal.ItemUID = “26” And pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED And pVal.BeforeAction = False And pVal.ActionSuccess = True Then

  oform = SBO_Application.Froms.GetForm(“150”, 0)

  oform.Freeze(True) ‘freeze to prevent flickering

  oitem = oform.Items.Item(“59”) ‘label

  oitem.Visible = False

  oitem = oform.Items.Item(“64”) ‘textbox

  oitem.Visible = False

  oform.Freeze(False) ‘unfreeze once done

End If


3. Add a new item on a System Form

When adding a new item on a system form its best to use an existing item on the form to position the new item. For example if we wish to add a new button on a Goods Receipt PO i will use the Cancel button as a marker to create the new one. The properties height, width and top will be the same as the exiting item but the left property needs to be increased otherwise the new button will be created over the Cancel button! The following code should be copied into the ItemEvent:


If pVal.FormTypeEx = “143” And pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_LOAD And pVal.BeforeAction = False Then

    oform = SBO_Application.Forms.GetForm(“143”, 0)

    oitem = oform.Items.Item(“2”) ‘Cancel button

    oNewItem = oform.Items.Add(“NewButton”,   SAPbouiCOM.BoFormItemTypes.it_BUTTON)

    oNewItem.Height = oitem.Height ‘same height

    oNewItem.Width = oitem.Width ‘same width

    oNewItem.Top = oitem.Top ‘same top

    oNewItem.Left = oitem.Left + 70 ‘add to the left so its positioned next to Cancel

    oButton = oNewItem.Specific

    oButton.Caption = “New Button”

End If


4. Automatically open a particular document

Sometimes you may need to open a certain form and do some automatic selections. For example after adding an Invoice automatically open an Incoming Payment for a certain BP and select the Invoice just added from the matrix.


Firstly we catch the event when the Invoice is added

Private Sub SBO_Application_FormDataEvent(ByRef BusinessObjectInfo As SAPbouiCOM.BusinessObjectInfo, ByRef BubbleEvent As Boolean) Handles SBO_Application.FormDataEvent

    If BusinessObjectInfo.FormTypeEx = “133” And BusinessObjectInfo.EventType =   SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_DATA_ADD And BusinessObjectInfo.BeforeAction = False And BusinessObjectInfo.ActionSuccess = True Then


End If

End Sub


Then we add the following code to the ItemEvent to fill CardCode and select the newly added Invoice in the list.


If pVal.FormTypeEx = “170” And pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_LOAD Then

    oform = SBO_Application.Forms.GetForm(“170”, 0)

    oedit = oform.Items.Item(“5”).Specific ‘CardCode

    oedit.Value = “C20000”

    oMatrix = oform.Items.Item(“20”).Specific ‘matrix

    vRowCount = oMatrix.RowCount ‘count rows

    For i = 1 To vRowCount

        oedit = oMatrix.Columns.Item(“1”).Cells.Item(i).Specific

        If oedit.Value = 14 Then

         oCheckBox = oMatrix.Columns.Item(“10000127”).Cells.Item(i).Specific

         oCheckBox.Checked = True

        End If

    Next i

End If


That’s my last blog for 2009 so wishing you a lovely Christmas and every success in the New Year. I’ll be back in 2010 with some more blogs that will hopefully be of use to you. So catch you then 🙂

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      Former Member
      I am probably using the wrong terminology, but is there code that goes around these functions to make them work as an add-on?  If this isn't the correct place to answer this question, could you provide suggestions on where to look and what to use as a search entry?

      Thanks in advance,

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Donald,

      This code is included in one of the UI Events so it will be triggered when a user triggers this UI event (ItemEvent or FormDataEvent or MenuEvent etc). I would suggest you take a look at the SDK samples available when you install the SDK on your station - the typical path is C:Program FilesSAPSAP Business One SDKSamplesCOM UIVB.NET

      I would also advise you search and post questions on the SDK forum: SAP Business One SDK


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      Former Member

      Hi Lisa,

      I have managed to add a button to the Stock Opening Balances, Stocktaking and Stock Posting form. The problem I am having is for the button to only appear on the Stocktaking tab of the form.

      How would I go about that?

      Thanks in advance,