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Step by Step Solution to remove a query from BW Accelerator when the Cube is still indexed

Problem Statement: Sometimes we have a requirement to remove a query from BW Accelerator which is built on a cube on which a lot of other queries are also built. Some classic scenarios are:

1–>Pre Go Live Business Validation stage

2–>When data in BW and BWA fail to match due to some reasons.

In scenarios like this we want to remove that particular query from BWA by keeping the cube indexed and all other queries in the cube still fetching data from BWA.

Below is the Step by Step Process to achieve this.

Step 1: Go to T Code SE16 and enter the table name as RSZCOMPDIR.

Step 2:  Click on Table Contents or Press Enter. You will get the screen below.


Step 3: Enter the fields OBJVERS (Version) as ‘A’ and COMPID (Query) with the technical name of the Query as shown below.

Step 4: Click on Execute (F8) to get the COMPUID (ID) field value.


Step 5: Now Go to T Code SE16 and enter the table name as RSRREPDIR and Click on Table Contents or Press Enter. You will get the screen below. Here Put the COMPUID filed with the value of Step 3 and OBJVERS as ‘A’.


Step 6: Execute and view the table entry.

Step 7: Change the field NOHPA (Do not Use HPA) shown below to ‘X’.


It’s done. Now this cube will not fetch data from the accelerator. Setting this field back to blank will enable it to start getting data from BWA.

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  • You have good writing style, and that's great to promote BWA knowledge. But please accept two friendly suggestions:
    1/ We want to properly educate BWA users, so precise description allows to build proper understanding and avoid confusions. Queries are not stored in BW Accelerator, so there is no need to "remove them". As well it is not cube that fetches data. It is OLAP engine that "decides" where to read data from, and described NOHPA flag is a setting for OLAP to read data from DB tables. To give complete picture, there are as well settings to read data from database at cube level and user level.
    2/ You can avoid this manual settings after implementation of program ZZ_SET_QUERY_NOHPA_FLAG from SAP Note 1161525 "Do not use BIA for queries: Setting the NOHPA indicator"

    Good luck with future blogging,