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Portal Activity Data Collector using Solution Manager

Portal Activity Data Collector using Solution Manager


During my UP265 hands-on session at Phoenix TechEd 2009, John Polus showed me how easy it was to enable the Activity Data Collector for out of the box Portal Usage Reporting. So here is another example of the many ripples caused when you attend a hands on session at SAP TechEd.

Activity Data Collector (ADC)

The ADC monitors portal requests and maintains details for each request, such as users logged on, processing time, and requested iViews and pages. The ADC trace files can be aggregated and loaded into the Solution Manager Workload Analysis by using the SMD agent. Once loaded into Solution Manager, BI queries and web templates are used to display the analysed data.

ADC pre-requisites:-
  • Enterprise Portal 7.01
  • Solution Manager 7.01
  • Patch 3 for SOLMANDIAG 7.01 SP2 (LMSERVICE package)
What you get 

The ADC application is delivered with the following 5 standard reports:-

  • User Statistics
  • iView statistics
  • iView Time Profile
  • Page statistics
  • Page Time profile
To configure ADC:-

Step 1. On the Portal, navigate to System Administration –>System Configuration –>Service configuration and take the ADC node.

Step 2. Fill out the appropriate properties as per the screen shot and save.

Step 3. On Solution Manager, navigate to the Root Cause Analysis work center and select the Extractor FWK Administration link. This will generate an Internet Explorer session where you can configure the Workload Analysis collector process. 

An example

In my example, I will show you how we used Solution Manager ADC to verify what EP7 tasks users performed during our recent MSS/ESS system testing phase.

Step 1. Navigate to the Root Cause Analysis work centre and select the End to End Analysis –> Workload Analysis link. This will open a new Internet browser session with the available Configuration Validation reports.

Step 2. Select the timeframe that interests you then press the Portal Activity Reporting tab and take the user statistics report. This will provide a line graph and a BI tabular report

Step 3. Select the other available reports to show activity for iViews and Portal Pages.

More reading

The Portal Activity Data Collection activation guide is attached to SAP Note 1309740.

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    • Raj
      Please try again. Remember to click on the image to zoom in and out when it open in the new window (this works for me on MS IE8).
      Cheers, Tony.
  • Hi Tony,

    In our landscape, we have the following systems, Can we able to use this reporting feature based on our system landscape ?

    1. Portal 7.0 SPS19
    2. Solman 4.0

    Kindly suggest..

    Kind regards,

    • Vijay

      You need EP7.0 SPS14 for ADC. You need SolMan 7.01 SPS19 for the Solution Manager part. Please refer to SAP Note 1309740 for details.

      Cheers, Tony.

  • Hi,
    I wonder know if in Solution Manager Work Center-> Portal Activity Reporting -> User Statistics, I can also see a list of users who are connected to the portal.


  • Hi Tony,

    We are stuck with an issue where after investigation by SAP, they have adviced that we are getting some additional files created in the Portal ADC directory due to the solutino Manager configurations.

    As per your step 3 of configuration, could you guide us to the specific extractor configuration for ADC. Everything I found was for Portal activity reporting, but nothing on ADC.