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Launch of a new web site called “The Social Customer”

The effect of Social Media on customer service is profound.  Everyone has heard about Dell-Hell or the broken guitar at United.  How organization respond and react to this new phenomenon can have a lasting affect for years to come. 

As a result, SAP is excited to announce the launch of a new web site calledThe Social Customer hosted by Social Media Today.

The primary objective of this site is to facilitate thought leadership discussion around how social media is affecting customer service and interaction today and in the future. Our focus is to bring together thought leaders and practitioners to discuss, share, and debate on this exciting topic.   

Brent Leary is the current lead “blogger-in-residence” for the site.  He is supported by several thought leaders on the topic of customer service and social media including Paul Greenberg, Estaban Kolsky, A Prem Kumar, Vanessa DiMauro, among others.  As of today, we have over 70 thought-provoking posts by these and others. 

So, login, learn, share, and most important of all, join the conversation. 

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  • how does this new website/gathering spot is going to work with ecohub? are there plans to host other vendors and/or competitors on that site? what is the value add to the average sdn'er? just a couple of thoughts.
    • Hello Greg,

      Great questions!

      The site is not related to EcoHub at all. 
      The objective is to facilitate thought-leadership on the topic of Customer Service and Social Media with the emphasis on the business aspect of this trend and less so on the technical details. 
      The site is owned by a third party and currently sponsored by SAP, but other SAP partners may co-sponsor as well and will likely do so in the future.