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Write Java code to generate PI interfaces

Hello, everybody. This is my first blog, finally. I wanna to get some points, and make some friends. You can also visit my msn space:  (  I’m a fun of  NetWeaver. As a PI Consultant, I’m also interested in EP,MDM,BI.   Recently, we have hunderds of scenarios like jdbc to proxy, proxy to jdbc. on the project. I’m tired to create so many data types.I hate routine works. Then I found that, I could write a program to generate XSD, and import it for data type definition. first, I collect all  fields in one txt file for each table. collect fields of tablesMy program will read all txt files in the folder, and generate XSD files like this:XSD fileNow import the XSD one by one for data types. You can get what you type result
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  • Hello Shen,
    Have you thought about enhancing your work to create a generic code in order to include deeply nested structures too? Single level node have very limited applications usually. This topic can actually have many points involved. A few are:
    1. When you talk about JDBC receiver structure, you may add some code for making the "key" node if required.
    2. When creating any node, you also need to think about the occurrence. (Pass it in source or..?)
    3. Type of field (string, integer) could be required to pass.


      • Oh, please excuse my comment! Your concept and reasoning is really concrete and useful. The Velocity template engine could simply eliminate the part of the code that creates XSD output manually. But in any case, this is a really nice, problem-solving idea.
  • I beleive SAP should provide options to download metadata from RDBMS systems during design time. Middleware like TIBCO allow you to connect to db tables at design time, select table names, select fields and click download, and you have your XSD in the repository. Why can we have something like this from SAP for PI ? It will save this drudgery.

    Good effort thoe to automate metadata creation.