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What enriches product documentation?

In one of the conversations with SAP Mentors we talked my  vision for docupedia (  our product documentation community now that we have been live for about six months, its synergies with SDN, and where we see both going next year. If you have never heard of docupedia you might want to catch up on some of the history here:  

We know our readers are into one stop shopping when looking for product knowledge. 


It is also pretty clear that our technical writers deserve the Nobel price of technical writing since we are expecting them to write about: Code Examples, Tutorials, Overview diagrams, installation manuals, and lot of other things. I call this supplementary product documentation. These folks have never had the opportunity to hands on work with our products out there in the real world, and this is where the SDN comes in.  

The Developer Network has firsthand practical knowledge of supplementary product information and now all we need to do is link the community content to the appropriate documentation and voila – we have the best of both worlds: Standard documentation that describes how to install, operate and work with our software, complimented with knowledge from developers, administrators, implementers , consultants..   

So any documents you feel might help enrich  our documentation  ( screenshots, diagrams, tutorials, how-to guides) add them to docupedia, or if you are already sharing your knowledge on SDN (forums, blogs) , add the link in docupedia.

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