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Search in WebDynpro Component

Many of us might be missing the Search functionality in webdynpro components.

Currently there is no direct way to search (similar to string search for classes) with in the entire webdynpro component.

With NW 7.01 we have the new implementation based Editor for WD methods. However this will help only in searching that particular controller and not the entire WD Component.

This blog provides a simple workaround that helps in Searching for strings in the entire webdynpro components.

Below is the procedure.

  1. Get the Runtime object class name for the WD Component.
    • Goto SE24 and test execute the class CL_WDY_WB_NAMING_SERVICE
    • Execute the method GET_CLASSNAME_FOR_COMPONENT
    • Provide the WD component name in the parameter P_COMPONENT
    • Execute the method and the returning parameter P_CLASSNAME will have the corresponding class name for the runtime object of the WD Component
    • The runtime object class name looks something like /1BCWDY/1UFIVBFBRS3OU3VJBGZT
  2. Now that we have the runtime object class name, open the class in Class Builder
    • Goto SE24 and open the class. Please note SE80 will not work as these objects will not be assigned to any package. SE38 can be used to open, but for that we need to suffix the class name with “==CP” (suffix without the quotes)
  3. Once the class is open, we can use the search functionality. This is similar to any string search for ABAP Classes
  4. There are many other advantages of using this approach. We not only can search for strings in method implementations, but also in
    • Element properties
    • Context attributes
    • Method parameters
    • Events and Event Handlers
    • Attributes
    • Plugs, component usages and so on…

This will be very useful for developers to quickly search and find out the usage of any variable or string.

This can be also used where the “Where used list” in WD does not work.

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