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SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 0.0

Established in 1972, SAP today has its presence and penetration into varied industrial segments catering to all the needs and aspirations of today’s vigilant and highly demanding customers. With growing SAP’s new dimensional products and advanced high performance versions, avid customers and partners can just keep their fingers crossed. It gives goose bumps imagining what will it be when SAP unveils the package in 2022 during its Global Jubilee celebration. SAP Zipped 2022 is a leap into the future showcasing the capabilities that SAP has and the potential to deliver. 



Vision 0.0: Listen: Adapt: Zip

Listen: A hardcore business listening strategy from SAP will be the future Roadmap, opening up a Highway where SAP smoothly shall place itself in a way where reactions from all and sundry [using all its open house forums irrespective of whether you are a customer, partner] would be captured with an angle of 360degree.
Adapt: Transformation from SAP’s ability to listen to ability to adapt in its Life Suite Applications will be a boon to mankind from the software arena.
Zip: The way this fast, furious and futuristic adaption will be available as a package is something that will unnerve each one of us. It might be that software in a zip format where, on a click of a button will make your current applications to be upgraded and ready to use.

Vision 0.0 also called as Vision Zero is zeroing on what Future SAP would look like. So we will often visit it to launch fresh sets of Visions. As a part of the launch of a series of visions, below are the first seven visions, to just kick to kick start a jaunt into the future.

Vision 1.0: Global SAP Identity:

Linking SAP with each citizen of a nation and then linking with different Country versions giving a sense of Global citizen to the residents of the Globe. History of individuals can bestowed with a unique serial number with biometric details. SAP no doubt shall continue to lead the ERP Market, but with the discovery of SAP Edentity, SAP shall start acting as a Special Auxiliary Police personnel too.

Vision 2.0: SAP Kin’s:

SAP will be so much popular that it will be available for individuals and families to deploy as per their requirement. SAP has got the capacity to integrate the Kith and Kin. Bring in a sense of networking among the Kin’s who has failed to keep in touch. The Family chain grows by its own length and breadth, ultimately creating a “Global Family”, thus aiming for a world peace.

Vision 3.0: SAP Travel and Living:
In days to come as you book a room for meetings; it’s sure that you need to book the road that you want to take to reach to your destination and back to home. So SAP’s application helps you to take the shortest traffic free road leading to your office. This application also gives you regular alarms suggesting you to fill in the gas at the passing by Gas Station and also indicates the low air in one of your vehicle wheels.

Vision 4.0:  SAP Invest:

Next time when you visit nearest Cinema theatres, SAP will guide you based on the response of the film being watched and asks you to invest it if the same has been listed in SAP Social Index Site. SAP Invest gives you updates on what to Invest and what not based on the performance of the company in real time scenarios. SAP’s tips are worth following as the companies mostly listed would be SAP implemented organizations and so no one speculate and create false impression of the public.

Vision 5.0: SAP Sensor:

With most of the couples go to work, it’s but natural that the extra care and directives cannot be imparted to kids. With the amount of violence and adult oriented clippings being telecasted on televisions today, parents have no control on their kids as to what to watch and what not to be watched and for how long. No doubt child lock televisions are available in the market but with SAP Sensor TV add on application installed, parents can pre set as to what all channels can be watched by their kids and for how long. Also they come to know as to what were the stuffs being watched and for how long. SAP Sensor also be regulated to internet with link to your IP address and the same can be tracked and later restricted if need arises.

Vision 6.0: SAP Eco-Post:

This acts as a Legal Official Document with your electronic signature. This replaces traditional way of sending posts and hence would act as a digital mail box. So next time you can personalize the mail that you want to receive and send. Once you activate your account with your current address, you have created a space for you in the Global Digital world. This is equivalent to having a virtual post box just in front of your house. This is integrated to your telephone number. So you get an update as and when you get a mail in the form of SMS.

Vision 7.0: SAP Guided Purchase:

Next time when go for shopping, based on your consumption and buying pattern, SAP plans you a Guided purchasing Power. With this SAP closely watches your day-today consumption and Doctors your buying kit. Informs you of the degrade and malnutrition product that you were a victim of last time when you purchases and automatically erases of the list to purchase next time you land up in to a Retail outlet. This tool also takes up initially your income rate and forecasts your expenditure capacity and suggests you the best economical product at the nearest and best outlet. This tool gives you as and when you require a detailed report and suggests a health conscious way of buying.

In the next edition of the SAP ZIPPED 2022-Listen, Adapt & Zip- Vision 1.0 lets see how a Global SAP Identity would look like with existing SAP technologies and a mix of some third-party software vendors.

Note: The ideas mentioned in all the Vision editions to come in SAP ZIPPED 2022 will be with a noble intention to envisage SAP as a life saver and with a viewpoint to see how SAP will transform all our lives in the years to come. So request all my readers to share your opinions. Good or bad, anything that would make me much more constructive and to publish Future Visions.

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