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Live Twitter updates on your Xcelsius Dashboards!!

How about having live tweets on your dashboards, does that sound interesting!? I am sure it does 😉 just follow these 4 simple steps…

Next to these Twitter components you can simply add your visualizations….

Here is the Source File 


Below is the URL to get live Tweets in XML format, you need to replace User Name i.e. instead of BOXcelsiusUG have your twitter id.

 Step 1: In spreadsheet (in Xcelsius) click source and add XML Maps by passing this above URL.

Step 2: Drag required fields (Text, Screen Name, Profile Image URL) in spreadsheet and click refresh data, this will refresh spreadsheet with latest tweets.

Similarly if you want to add some more twitter IDs you can do that as well by adding XMLMaps in the workbook… 

Step 3: Now in data manager add Excel XML Maps connection, and it will automatically add connections,as shown below. 


Step 4: Add Refresh Connection button and check all the connections

Configuration part is done, now you have data in Excel sheet, so just use your creativity and develop a dashboard.

Happy Learning 🙂

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  • Great post - used it to test twitter APIs.
    You might want to post about the utility of these type of APIs. Its a world waiting to be explored - see - effective use of twitter.