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CRMV_EVENT – what is it?

What is callback?

After processing each part of CRM document, eg. Partners, Customer fields, Organizational data, etc. specific events are executed in SAP CRM. After these events special function modules are executed. These are called “callbacks”.

These callbacks are function modules that end with “_EC” in its name. It means they have special interface that is needed when module is to be used as callback.

Callbacks are executed by SAP CRM if they are connected in transaction CRMV_EVENT to certain events. And whether attributes set there, which work as filter, are the same as in processed activity by user.

Each callback is configured in the same way:

– it is connected to transaction category (eg. Service process)

– its time and priority of execution is set,

– it is connected to object and event (Object means part of document that is being “touched”, it could be for example “Partner” or “Orderadm_h”. Event could be “Save” – while saving, “After_change”, “After_create”, etc.)

– it may have attributes set (eg. when processing Partner it could be partner function type),

– it could be executed for headers or/and items of documents.

What it is used for?

Callbacks are used mainly for processing documents. For example in standard they are used to copy organizational data from previous document when creating new follow-up document.

How to check which callbacks are executed?

in CRMV_EVENT it is best to filter by specific transaction category and object. Eg. Service Process and STATUS. Please remember that there could be more Transaction categories used in a particular process, like Service Process, and also generic one so CRM Bus. Transactions.

check also many transactions for tracing / checking (like CRM*EVENT*, eg CRMD_EVENT_TRACE, CRMD_EVENT_CHECK).

How to define own?

Create function module with proper interface (look at *_EC function modules) and assign in configuration (SPRO -> CRM -> Transactions -> Basic Settings -> Edit Event Handler Table).

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  • Hi,

    always wondered if anybody else things about these event handleres 😉

    The CRMV_EVENT transaction is working on SAP tables.

    For customer registered events there is a customizing activity in CRM -> Transactions -> Basic Settings -> Edit Event Handler Table

    One thing I am missing there is where to register new function modules without modification of the SAP tables.

    cheers Carsten

    • Hi,
      Nice configuration. I have not seen it before. I tried to input data - and my Z* function modules are available there. I registered them in CRMV_EVENT in Object Function/Callback.