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Coffee Lounge (Try Try Try Again)

There were four toads playing and jumping together. Suddenly they all fell into the container full of cream.

Everyone were screaming and shouting. They tried to swim across so that they can jump out of the container. They were shouting among them selves and at that moment of time they all felt weak and down. There approach was the full of pessimism, that made them weak and their will power sank as a result they all gave up there was not a particular sign of gist and valour left in them.


Though one of them fighting alone with his will out and trying to swim all around. Throwing his front and back limb way and forth all over the container, in all the direction without knowing what needed to be done. But then still he had some hope left in him.


Guess what!!!  The cream of milk due to motions of the toddler started to form butter and finally the butter accumulated all around the container forming a small platform which was more than enough for the toddler to jump out of the container.



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FYI he was deaf.


Moral: Never leave Achilles’ heel while going for new projects or task.  Listening to repercussions will lead you in depths and debts.


Remember Toads are considered lucky as they have never learned and they never know how to move backwards.


Have a good fortune and progress in 2010.

Happy Holidays.

Have a best day ahead.

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