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Bet you CAN find it: Introducing Best Bets on SCN

In our continuous effort to improve findability in the SAP Community Network (SCN) search application we recently introduced “Best Bets” functionality. This allows us to surface the best content available on a particular topic. Best Bets are editorially chosen pages that show up when you search for particular keyword(s). The Best Bet appears at the top of the search results page and is identified with an “Editor’s Pick” icon.


Example of Best Bet appearing in search results for keyword search on “crm”


It’s a well known fact that a small percentage of search terms account for a large percentage of all searches conducted on the site so we began by assigning Best Bet pages for these top search queries. To date we’ve assigned Best Bets for the top 100 keyword searches and this has helped us ensure some quick wins. Examples include popular keywords such as “bpc,” “badi,” “portal,” “alv,” and “visual composer.” While we have content for many of these popular search terms there are some cases where we don’t. Using our search logs has been a good way to identify these information gaps and we take these into consideration when adding new topic areas. 


For those curious about how we assign the Best Bets, this is done in our content management system (CMS). We’ve created a best bet keyword property which can be populated with relevant keywords and phrases for each asset. Right now we are primarily assigning Best Bets to webpages and not so much to articles or eLearning files. The pages are selected because they offer the most comprehensive information on a given topic thereby making them ideal Best Bet candidates.  

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  • Christine,

    i'm glad to see improvements in managing content as it sometimes seems a bit disorganized, and we do want content, don't we?

    was wondering if your search logs have yielded anything about 'ifrs' and 'bcs' yet as both haven't shown 'Editor's picks' in my search tests.

    in the spirit of KM, let's keep on sharing...



    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the suggestions! I've added Best Bets for both of your suggested keywords. They should appear in search tomorrow.