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SAP CRM 7.0 – Marketing End-to-End Videos: Part I – Part V

To help provide an overview of the key capabilities that are supported by SAP CRM Marketing and how they can support marketers, I have created these 5 end-to-end videos. The videos should help those wanting to get an entry level overview of SAP CRM direct marketing functionality and how it is integrated with the customer facing interaction channels of SAP CRM. 

Part I: Segmentation Find the customers you wish to address — (time: 6:01min)
In part 1 of 5, you will get an overview of how to use segmentation to create a target group of high value customers to be used in our multi-wave campaign.

Part II: Usability – Overview of useful UI features and Search results list functionalities — (time: 4:41min)
In part 2, you will get an overview of usability enhancements provided on the UI as well as in the search results lists.

Part III: Campaign design – Set up your campaign flow to address the customers you want to reach with an offer — (time: 4:50min)
In part 3, you will get an overview of how to set up a campaign with an email form and survey, and also get an overview of its flow through campaign automation.

Part IV: Campaign execution – Start the multi-wave campaign and follow up across various customer interaction channels — (time: 6:17min)
In part 4, you will see how the multi-channel campaign is integrated into the E-commerce site and Interaction/call center. In addition, you will get an overview of the order management process and tracking in the campaign, as well as real time order management capabilities.

Part V: Lead generation and distribution — (time: 4:14min)
In part 5, you will see how to generate leads from a campaign and distribute those leads to appropriate channels according to pre-set distribution rules.


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