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Configuration Validation using Solution Manager


During my ALM218 presentation at Phoenix TechEd 2009, I demonstrated the easiest 10 tips the Support staff can implement in Solution Manager to save support costs. Based on the feedback I recieved from the sessions, it seems that several customers are in the same boat here.

At the end of my session, I was approached by Dr Hartwig Brand from the SAP AGS. He urged me to expand my top 10 and include a powerful but often overlooked feature – Configuration Validation.

So here is one example of the many ripples caused when you contribute at SAP TechEd.

Configuration Validation 

The Solution Manager Configuration Validation application is used to compare and validate configuration between one reference system and several target systems. We recently used it compare our Production CRM system to the DEV, TST and SND CRM systems to check for version mismatches.


Configuration Validation pre-requisites:-

  • BI Content 704 (SP1)
  • Solution Manager EHP 1 (SPS18)
  • E2E Diagnostics is configured
  • SMD agents configured
  • ST-PI installed and up to date


What you get  

The Configuration Validation application is delivered with the following 5 standard reports (or you can create your own dymanic reports):-

1. Software Configuration Validation
    – ABAP Software, Kernel and RZ10 profile parameters
    – OS Level
    – SAP Notes and Transport Requests

2. Database Configuration Validation
    – Oracle, MS SQL, DS2 and MaxDB

3. Security Configuration Validation
    – IGS Level
    – GW secinfo and reginfo settings
    – Standards Users (*)
    – RZ10 Profile parameters (security specific)

4. BI Configuration Validation

5. Reference Configuration Validation
    – Compares all target systems against an established set of refernece values.

An example 

In my example, I will show you how we used Solution Manager Configuration Validation to check for RZ10 profile parameter settings and support pack levels across the landscape.

Step 1. Navigate to the Change Management work centre and select the Configuration Validation –> Reporting link. This will open a new Internet browser session with the available Configuration Validation reports.

Step 2. Select the Software Validation report then press the Start configuration validation reporting hyperlink

Step 3. Identify a reference system and any number of comparison systems, then press the execute button. I find it most valuable when you select DEV, TST and PRD of one usage type or when you compare several PRD systems of different usage types.

Step 4. Go through each tab in the report and check the comparison list and check the differences.

My favourite configuration validation reports 

The most valuable reports I have generated so far include:-

  • all kernel versions across the landscape
  • all AIX operating system versions and JDK Runtime versions
  • all ST_PI and PI_BASIS support pack levels in my PRD systems
  • all SAP OSS notes which have gone to TST but not PRD

More reading

The Solution Manager Configaration Validation User Guides are avaliable at

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