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A Personal View of SCN From A Top Contributor

Being on top of the contributor for a long time, I decide to become more involved to the network to be a Blogger.

I have become active contributor on the SCN within a month when I decided to post my first message on the forum since July 2008. Believe it or not, I hadn’t browsed the SCN a single time during those periods after I registered on December 7, 2007 till July 12, 2008.  That is over half a year!

Unlike most of users here (I noticed it based on my personal observation), before my formal activities on the forum I had read all regulations and articles that explain how to use forum correctly and efficiently.  Especially the blog by Mark Yolton: ” Let’s Start Something … for our Planet and Its People” makes my mind further.  Because I know: “the more you contribute your knowledge, the more SAP contributes to U.N. program”!

If you browsed my profile, you will find I have posted over 11,900 messages so far during these 18 months.  That means about 22 messages every day!  How could I do it?  Some members may think I am crazy.  In a sense, yes!  I found I could not stop posting because it is so awarding when you find you could help many peoples around the global to solve their problems.

Different persons have different purposes to use this network.  Most of them would be finding answers.  To me, it is the place that could provide help.  When I first browsed the SAP Business One Forum, I found my views were almost always in line with then top contributors.  That gave me confidence – I could become top contributor in a foreseeable future.  I watched my score higher and higher to reach the top 3, then top 2 and finally top1.  It took me less than 3 months for that goal.

Thanks for my broad scopes IT backgrounds, SAP Business One is a perfect package to apply my knowledge.  I end up with answering every possible questions when I found my answer could save lot of other members’ time.

What I want to share is: to all members who aim to contribute, it is not that hard at all.  You just need to be ready to lower your anticipation and to increase your time spend on the SCN.

I believe one of Chinese saying: “We must do good rather than evil, on however humble a scale”.   When we started no matter how small a step, we could reach our goal eventually.

I used to add “Thanks, Gordon” at the bottom of my posting whenever I answer others’ questions. That is because, I value everyone’s time.  Whoever read my message, I would appreciate their time.

The feelings to give would be much better than just to take.  So many other active members give me more insight in improving my B1 knowledge.  To name a few: István K#rös who has the top SQL knowledge, Jesper Magnusson who has sophisticated financial module knowledge, Jitin Chawla who seems know all SAP notes related to B1 and Suda.Sampath                                                        who was the then top contributor that gave me the confidence.

Bottom line: I would like to see more and more SCN members become active contributors.  Hope our SCN to be the number one Technology Community Network in the world!  I believe so. How about you?

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  • Great,now that you have started to contribute through blogs.
    I respect your knowledge Gordon since i use  SAP B1 forum and your solutions.

    All the best !!


  • Fantastic work

    My own behalf of and our SDN contributor’s behalf of, I welcomes you and your effort and your valuable time. I appreciate your confidence.

    Keep going…..
    All the very Best


    • Claudine,

      Thanks for your comments.  It is indeed not that easy considering all vacations, busy days etc.  I have listened to your prodcast.  It sounds like not too many people know your career center yet.


  • Hi
    First of all i have to thank u very much for ur great contribution to SDN to givng answers, which helps me as well others…

    Gordon i have learned lot of things from your answers.
    Most of the time i was surpised about u like how much ur dedicative to help for others & having a knowledge in every part of SBO.
    Realy i am saying ur my Rolemodel in SBO..

    Also one thing i have to say that some of the time we are giving reply to others questions but they where not responding for the answer which we have given and Points even if u have give gud anwers simply they r closing the thread like answered withour assinging points to the contributor who has given the correct answers,sometimes it was not giving motivation to help for some peoples who is doing same kind of activites like this, so for this u have to take some steps.

    Once again u r simply Great….u have to continue ur contribution to our SDN same like nowwwwwwwww

    Thanks & Regards
    Giridharan V

    • Thank you Giridharan for this detail comments.

      I have notice the same for certain users who do not appreciate the others helps.  I just tolerant their ignorance assuming they must have some excuses.  I have never asked any points from day one.  If you find some members’ attitudes are not acceptable, simply ignore them.

      Keep posting. You will find not only you are helping others, but also you can learn a lot.


  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. I very much appreciate your contribution and dedication in the B1 Chinese forum. You are a very active moderator and has solved many questions.
    • Thanks for your comments.  I am mostly active in English forum though. Over 9 out of 10 activities may not be in Chinese forum.  I would put more time on Chinese forum if more users post questions.

      Thanks again,

  • I was just reviewing your prodigious achievments here Gordon and thinking: WOW here is someone who was just “lurking” for half a year and now is not only active, but most active contributor in a community of many very active folks.
    Pretty awesome really.
    I enjoyed hearing that other “lurkers” come forward.  Another B1 one that comes to mind is Zal Pachem with whom I’ve had very interesting conversations with over the years and who just began blogging after your B1 summit this summer.  It’s great when years of quiet observation and for us on the team quiet encouragement produce spectacular results.  It’s even greater when those results come from peer encouragement and engagement.  Thanks Gordon! And thanks for reminding us that acknowledgement is so very key.
      • Gordon,
        How do you become more active than the MOST active?  I can only hope your activity and modesty is an inspiration to others.  So, no, I am not requesting that you be more active than you are.  Actually, I’m thanking you for what you do and have done.  (Even I have limits when it comes to evangelism, you see 🙂 ).

        If I can’t join your session tomorrow at InsideTrack in Vancouver virtually at least I will listen to a recording.
        And yes, I loved reading about how you and Jason Cao met up in Vancouver and it is great to know that our team has opportunity to connect with you face to face.

        Glad to see you so visible.  

        • I have the same question because there is one sentence in your first posting: “someone who was just ‘lurking’ for half a year”.

          Is that mean the “lurking” used there is only an opposite in meaning?

          • Now I understand your question.  Gordon, you wrote: “I hadn’t browsed the SCN a single time during those periods after I registered on December 7, 2007 till July 12, 2008.  That is over half a year!”.
            That meant to me you were a non-participant member for over half a year before you became active. 
            But you are right in that it doesn’t really describe lurker.  A lurker is someone who might browse and might read and might open pages but doesn’t post.
            So I guess you weren’t even a lurker that first half year but a non-lurking, non-participating registered member.  That’s even less active than lurker 🙂