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Blag’s best blogs picks from 2009

First…please keep in mind that choosing the best from the whole 2009 year was a very consuming and hard job…so if I pass any great blog, please bear with me -:)


Another way to create Excel outputMichael Nicholls

ABAP Join Wizard is here!Leonardo De Araujo

Basic ABAP OO eLearningsThomas Jung


Don’t tell me I am OBSOLETE – it hurts !Vijay Vijayasankar

Tale of an SAP addict…Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Just a developer?!Michelle Crapo

Don’t You Step On My … –  Jim Spath

The Fine Art of BalanceGraham Robinson


A story about Twitter, XML and WD4AUwe Fetzer

SAP Flash Island and Google MapsMogens Enevoldsen

Navigating in Web Dynpro in a smart wayStefan Bungert

Wave, Web Dynpro, and the Magic Glue: Google Wave and Web Dynpro Integration Part 1Thorsten Franz

Make phone calls from SAP applications with Flash Islands and RibbitMrinal Wadhwa

Community Day:

SAP Inside Track London 2009Nigel James

The Community Day Brazil 2009 in a nutshellMarcelo Ramos

SAP Inside Track Lima 2009 – The RecapAlvaro Tejada Galindo

SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo – An amazing experience!!Leonardo De Araujo

SAPInsideTrack London: My notesSomnath Manna

Composition Environment:

ABAPers, Should You Jump the CE train?Thorsten Franz

SOAP with Attachments made easy with CEWerner Steyn

Using Amazon EC2 for testing CE Trial Part 1Daniel Graversen

an ABAPer’s journey to Netweaver CEMichael Koch


Tasting the mix of Blue RubyAlvaro Tejada Galindo

How to build a SE16 Emulator in Blue RubyJuergen Schmerder

Beyond SAP:

Agile SAP: Mission Impossible?tbroek

Twitter + SAP Community + TechEd + Folks to FollowMark Yolton

SAP Mentor Monday: Anne Katherine Petterøe stopped Facebook TOS changeMark Finnern

Ada Lovelace Day and the SAP Community NetworkMarilyn Pratt

Think like an SAP Mentor: 3 Exercises how to become an SAP Top Technical Specialist in 7 DaysTobias Trapp

Yowie surfing the WaveDr. Marek Kowalkiewicz


Nomen est Omen – ABAP Naming ConventionsUwe Schieferstein

Official ABAP Programming GuidelinesHorst Keller

SAP TechEd:

SAP TechEd Phoenix 2009 – My blogging reviewAlvaro Tejada Galindo

Closing the Loop for BPXSlam09 PhoenixGreg Chase

#sapteched09 Phoenix – my personal highlights selectionJuergen Schmerder

My #sapteched09 in PhoenixDaniel Graversen

Comparing Teched 09 in Phoenix with ViennaDaniel Graversen

The BPX Process Design Slam 2009tbroek

Application Server:

Indexes lose weight, but is that the answer?Jim Spath

Cloud Computing at SAPFrank Stienhans

REST-orientation: Controlling access to resourcesDJ Adams


Python and SAP AdventuresDavid Hull


A Freshers Guide to ABAP and SDNkartik tarla

Blogging in the SAP Community Network 101Natascha Schuberth

Business Process Expert:

Why twitter is not (yet?) all that valuable for BPXers ( and others)Marco ten Vaanholt

So What Does it Take to Become an SAP Business Process Expert?Jon Reed

BPM in Ten Years? My Best ShotThorsten Franz


An hour a month, an hour a week, etc.Jim Spath

Sustainability @ SAPPeter Graf

Green the Hard WayChristine Puccio

SAP Developer Network:

Assemble Your Tribe – Community Building in the 21st CenturyMark Finnern

Stop Thief – It’s #blogtheft!Thorsten Franz

SAP Mentor Highlights 2008Mark Finnern

SAP Community Bio: Your Connection Between SCN and LinkedInScott Lawley

Enterprise Service Community:

SAP Enterprise Service and Google WaveDaniel Graversen

Emerging Technologies:

Composition in the Cloud: Run your own SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP 1 in the cloud (Part 1 of 3)Thorsten Franz

Introducing SAP SuggestSergio Cipolla

Agile Is A JourneyMichael Koch

Business Intelligence:

SAP BW Indexing Scheme (ORACLE)Debanshu Mukherjee

Xcelsius and SAP BI – How to pass variable value using Web Service ConnectionAnil Bavaraju

Business Objects:

Get a peek at the hottest product at SAP BusinessObjectsRobert Horne

Maps in Business Objects PolestarOliver Mainka

Service-Oriented Architecture:

The Future of SOAVishal Sikka

8 SOA mistakes architects should avoidBernhard Escherich

Gravity – Collaborative Business Process Modelling within Google WaveAlexander Dreiling

Virtual Worlds and 3D Web:

SAP Education Virtual Learning Symposium 2009 – My thoughtsAlvaro Tejada Galindo

Business Server Pages:

Ajax in BSPShashank Kapoor

Parameter handling with a HTMLB LinkDenis Schrodt

Community Projects:

Rate this!Maya Bahar

SDN Homepage for Mobile Devices (Beta)Jason Lax

SCNottiesCraig Cmehil

We are open for OpenID!Maya Bahar

Enterprise Portal:

Using YubiKey OTP to secure your PortalSimon Kemp

Tool to simplify PCD object creationMichael Nicholls

Java Programming:

Using Apache XSL:FO with WebDynpro to generate PDF DocumentsSantosh Raghavan

And what’s the direction with Java NOW?Benny Schaich-Lebek

Do-it-yourself ALV: Customizable tables in Web Dynpro for JavaDimitri Lubenski

Freedom for JavaVishal Sikka


Online Purchase request (PR) Approval Application Using BlackberrySunil Manjunath

SAP CRM on iPhone with “Ajax weaver”Pakdi Decnud

SAP Mentors : Now on your Windows MobileAbesh Bhattacharjee

Open Source:

Why Solaris for SAP?Christine Puccio

Making Web Dynpro Open Source? What features of Open Source?Puru Govind

Scripting Languages:

SAP PI XML Mappings using groovyDaniel Graversen

Visual Composer:

Flash Components for Visual Composer 7.0  – Flexibility is the name of the gameAmir Mimran


Bring the Business Suite to your Desktop — Try XBCML Widgets TodayMoya Watson

Code Exchange:

New developer licenses for NetWeaver on the horizonMario Herger


What is your title?Vijay Vijayasankar

The importance of being trained…Julius Bussche

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