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About time to make the blogs moving – Videos on sdn

Video based training is one of the larger trends that we will see coming up in the next years. With the change in corporate culture, where reduced workforces needs to do more work on less shoulders and often in less time, gathering knowledge becomes an important task. 

I am teaching transition classes for SAP project teams, especially for those companies, that are migrating from the old ERP-World to Netweaver. The often asked question is: How should I learn all of this, how should I handle all this knowledge? From Solution Manager over Dual Stacks to SLD, from SRM to CRM, from Portal to ESS and MSS.

My answer is :.

First, everybody himself is responsible for beeing up to date. Knowledge should always be a personal quest, desire and passion. Lifelong learning – no way around it.

Second, sdn is always your starting point.

The classic method, do classes at SAP, is often not feasible. Too expensive, too slow, too long away from work (especially for freelancers) . While the quality of SAP classes is most of the time outstanding, it will only be feasible for big topics.

On small, day to day topics, you can have SDN blogs and articles.

But what about the more broader and deeper, more click-through intense applications? Like Web Dynpro ABAP, NWA Administration, CEN and SolMan? Or ESS/MSS Customizing?

This is ideal for e-learning, for video based training. I have produced two video-based training DVDs in fall, one for Enterprise Portal and one for Web Dynpro, together with video2brain and Addison Wesley. Besides this being real fun, sitting in a studio, clicking and talking, it really convinced me that this is the future of learning and knowledge providing.( Not by coincidence, SAP HCM eLearning is an often requested project skill these days)

Production time is much faster than a book (about 4 weeks), the learning feeling is more intense, (Picture, Sound, Word) and you can explain a lot of complex topics by showing and telling.

My vision for sdn is being one of the platforms to provide a stage for this way.

Of course there are already a lot of video based eLearning content on sdn. But the quality is, nicely spoken, very different. A recorded webex session with telephone based audio really does not translate to learning experience. Come on, has nobody in Walldorf the money for a good headset?

Like everything else around SAP, it should always have a certain degree of professionalism. While blogs shopuld be error-free in typing (and get approved) , videos should have the same  quality. They should have a concept, a story and a storytelling narrator.There are also some real good examples at sdn, of course

When we discussed the first production and my question was, how to speak, the answer was: “Explain, Just as if a friend is sitting next to you and you will teach him something.”.

This is true. This really characterizes the medium Video pretty good.

While the world gets faster, learning speed needs to be higher, sdn would need a strong track of good videos. My “good promise” for new year at sdn is, to produce some videos that will go this way. 

And my request for sdn would be to create a video-centric eLearning platform that is way more structured and with much more content as today.

Maybe it is just me, but when I look for solutions on SDN and need a brief  overview, I always choose “blogs” as a first starting point. When eLearning and videos are categorized the same way, this “one-stroke” to find is a good measurement. Or videos can, like wikis, get organized along a certain track, where you can watch a certain sequence of instructional videos to complete a path of knowledge.

So watch out and stay tuned for videos to come.

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