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Crystal Reports Interactive Tag Cloud Sample



welcome to the first iteration of the Value Added Samples and Demos. the first sample is a Tag Cloud Analytic, created in crystal reports. this sample can be adapted to your enterprise environment. and yes, it is free.


tag cloud 


this tag cloud does not need to be used only to measure the number of times a word is mentioned in a set of web pages. in this case, the tag cloud is used as an interactive analytic with different measures and dimensions.


the biggest advantage to using a tag cloud as an analytic is that a lot of information can be displayed on one page and the end user can change the tag cloud to find the information they need.


watch a short movie on the tag cloud usage and some of the features here.  


features of the tag cloud as an analytic:

  1. the group / dimension (e.g. sales, product, country) can be changed by the end user
  2. three different summaries / measures (e.g. sales, quantity, profit) shown are shown on the analytic…font size, font colour, and tag order determine the measures
  3. there are hover-over / tool tips on each tag where the above information is displayed…e.g. sales, profit, quantity displayed numerically in the tool tip
  4. the tag cloud can hyperlink to different target reports / webi docs etc. based on what the group / dimension is. for example if the tag cloud is grouped on customer, the target could be a customer background report.
  5. if you are using crystal reports 2008 the tag cloud can contain saved data so that database traffic is minimized
  6. the tag cloud has embedded web controls so that changing the group, dimensions, or options is seamless


webElements are used to embed the select menus and options menus on to the report. you can download webElements to add interactive controls to Crystal Reports Crystal Reports webElements. webElements are free too.


this sample has instructions (on the design tab of the report itself) on setting the tag cloud to your own data environment. you can also install the sample to your own system without making any changes to see if the analytic can be useful for your business.


you can download the tag cloud here.


if you have an idea for a demo / sample that you would like to see built using Business Objects products such as Crystal Reports, please see the Value Added Samples and Demos WIKI. if is approved as a good demo / sample for the community, we can build it for you for free!

tag cloud
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