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SAP TSW beyond Oil & Gas Businesses


SAP TSW (Traders’ and Schedulers’ Workbench) is traditionally a product targeted at the Oil&Gas, Mining and Chemicals industries to manage their trading, scheduling and Logistics execution. You can find the help documentation here .

Also, since it is seamlessly integrated with ETRM/CTRM (Energy /Commodity Trading and Risk management), APO DP, PP; it is well suited for any business which has Scheduling tasks and has integration with any of the above solutions. Also, since most of the features of TSW are available as webservices, the whole TCx aspect is very effective.

Current market position

With a growing base of live customers across the world, this application is a real value creator for the customers, by providing seamless integration of their logistics with the Scheduling, Trading and Risk-management businesses. TSW is seen as the leading product in its league.

TSW comes with its own license, and runs on top of IS-OIL / IS-MINE business functions.

New Addressable businesses

TSW has the potential to add value to the business outside of Oil&Gas as well. The true value add of TSW is around the flexibility and productivity is provides around logistics execution.

Any organization , which has a large logistics business, where a sizable inventory is always in-transit, TSW is the solution for them.

Most notably, this solution can be used by Commodity Trading and Consumer Goods companies.

What’s New

With SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Pack 5,  TSW addresses a lot of questions around TCx and makes the solution available in general outside of an IS-OIL / IS-MINE environment. What this essentially means is, that you need not go for an IS-OIL /IS-MINE license before you can go for SAP TSW.

So, for the non IS-OIL /IS-MINE customers, they can go forward and exploit the features of TSW in their own environment.

Here is brief of the new features that would be available in SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Pack 5.

  • TSW can be installed without a IS-OIL / IS-MINE Business Function License
  • Seamless integration with ETRM /CTRM (Triple Point Commodity SL) to manage your planned and actual expenses around logistics / transportation
  • Automatic and Manual expense Generation from TSW processes.
  • Transportation planning of SAP GTM (Pre)Trading Contracts in TSW
  • Logistics execution in TSW based on SAP GTM (Pre)Trading Contracts
  • Ability to handle Transportation planning & logistics execution of the products from the Food business including catch-weight materials.
  • Ability to Generate multiple deliveries / BOL in Rail transport business in the background, without manual data entry.
  • Possibility to have integration with SAP TM (Transportation Management)
  • Managing gain-loss in transportation /shipment.
  • Ability to track and manage in-transit inventory for a Trading contract.
  • Webservices based integration with ETRM/CTRM


Volker Keiner [] – SAP Solution Manager for TSW

Ravindranath Nayak [] – SAP Development Manager for TSW


The information given above is indicative, and not an official version of SAP. The official documentation would be made available along with the SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Pack 5 release to the market.

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