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Improving My Experience

When I started my career in SAP I came to know from my friends about SDN.I joined in SDN and went through forums, blogs initially it was superb. I saw all topics related my work and learnt a lot by reading them, for threads which I posted the response time is very less and answers were very apt and solved my problems. This has encouraged me to become an active member in SCN.

My approach to search in SCN:  

I bookmarked few pages in WIKI, when I need information regarding any process I go to pages which I bookmarked and search over there. Most of the information required by me is available in Wiki’s. If any technical help is required for a particular process or if I don’t get required output even by using correct process I post them in forum In most cases solutions provided by community members has solved the problem or technique which needs to be followed by me to solve my problem is suggested. This approach has helped me a lot to zero on a  solution very soon instead to search by typing keywords in global search of SCN. 

Collaboration with other  members from community:

 SCN provides a wonderful platform to collaborate with others, I normally used to do this by wikis, blogs, forum. I marked few members to my favorite’s list. I always follow their blogs, discussions, threads in SCN.   

 Point Recognition system:  

SCN point recognition system is very encouraging. When I posted Wikis, blogs in SCN points were awarded accordingly which has encouraged me to increase my postings with proper and suitable content which is helpful for others. Main reasons for my contributions to SCN is to improve my knowledge in multiple areas , keep in touch with new applications which are coming up, alternate ways to handle a process.


The content provided in SCN is quiet good, very helpful and explanatory.  In few cases I saw same content in Wiki’s posted many times with different tagname, so it would be better if this can be avoided. In Code gallery, sample codes present there are good and in turn provides ready made solutions which can be used without much modifications.

 Looking forward in 2010: The gaps which I see are in addressing of comments. I posted a blog in SCN regarding Change Pointers technique how we do that, why it is required with screen shots. It has been rejected and asked to Post it in wiki. A little more explanation or reasons while rejecting a blog would also be good :).In code gallery, there are few cases in which same code is present in many  places so review process for these also can also be in same line as blog postings ….Hope these things will be taken care in 2010….cheers       

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