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How To Publish Dashboard On NW Portal

Following is the step by step approach for publishing the dashboard on NetWeaver Portal. 

Logon to the SAP NetWeaver Portal.  You will get following screen


Goto Content Administration -> KM Content -> KM Content

You will get a list of directories on the right hand side.  Select the desired folder.  Click on the “Folder” menu and select New -> Upload to upload the dashboard on the KM Content.


Enter the details of the dashboard in the following screen.  You can upload SWF file as well.


Click on “Done”

It will show the newly created document as given below. Preview this dashboard and copy the URL from the internet browser address line.


Now go to Portal Content -> Desired folder (If required, create new folder) -> Right Click -> New -> iView


It will take to iView creation wizard.  Select iView Template -> Next -> URL iView -> Next ->





 You will get followin screen where you need to enter the URL of the dashboard –


Please Note:  If you find “%20” in the URL then you need to replace it with one single space.

You will get the property page for this iView.  You can click on “Preview” to check the Dashboard.

If you want to open the dashboard in new window, then go to the property “Launch in new Window” and select appropriate option from the drop down.

Create Role:

Right click on the folder -> New -> Role -> Create a role as given below -> Next -> Finish.


Give Technical details for the Role 


Next -> finish -> OK.

It will take to the property screen.  Click YES for “Entry Point” and Save the role.

Create WorkSet:

Right click on the desired folder -> New -> WorkSet -> Give technical details as given below -> Next -> Finish -> OK



Select “Yes” for Entry point in the property and Save the Workset.

Need to link the iview, role and workset to bind them.  To achieve this, double Click on the dashboard to appear in the right side panel, right click on the workset -> Add to Delta Link.

Double click on the role -> right click on workset -> add to delta link

Now you can see, workset within Role and iview within Workset.


NOTE: you may get an error “Object is locked by user: null USERID”.  Please contact your “NW Portal Administrator” to release the locked objects. 

Assign the role to the user

To get the dashboard for the user, you need to assign the created role to the user go to “User Administrator” -> give the userid -> Go -> highlight the user -> Modify -> Assigned Roles -> enter the role into left hand side window -> Go -> Select the role -> Add -> Save


Logoff and login again to the portal.  You will see the assigned role as a separate tab for you  as given below –


Click on the Test iView to execute the dashboard.

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  • Hi Reshmi,
    Thanks for the blog.
    Just to add, there is a prerequisite to upload files to KM. SAP note 898637 should be implemented to enable successful upload of files to KM repository.
    The URL taken for URL iView comes from the URL of the uploaded file in KM repository. Simply by right click and selecting copy URL would enable a simple copy paste in URL iView.
    Thanks for the blog and keep it up. Hope to see more from you in coming days.


    • The downsides of this technique is no single sign-on to data connectivity being pulled by Xcelsius.  If your SWF is self contained with data then no issue.

      Also you have no way to secure this dashboard to prevent people from seeing the data(if they know the URL or have KM access).

      Both of these are solved by uploading Xcelisus to the BOE(BOBJ Enterprise server) and using the SAP Integration Kit which comes delivered with SAP Portal content(master iviews) to link them to your SAP Portal.