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Enterprise Micro Applications (oh yeah coolness)

For the past several months I’ve been playing very close attention to the emerging world of “micro apps” especially those centered around mobile devices. I remember Om Malik talking about it being the year of the Widget back in 2007 and since then I’ve realized that the world is becoming more and more virtual and more and more diverse in terms of the technology and the remoteness of working environment so it was obvious that the mobile world is where you want to keep your eye moving forward and this year at the SAP TechEd Demo Jam event it solidified these thoughts!

Well now my friends over at the SAP Ecohub have taken a bold new step and created a whole new focus area called  “Enterprise Micro Applications” and the define it as “a brand new breed of small applications that simplify and extend enterprise application functionality specific to a user’s role and requirements. Also labeled as Widgets, Gadgets and Light Mobile Applications, Enterprise Micro Applications augment IT strategy and become the accelerator for business process improvement and event processing.”

They’ve also thrown together a cool webinar on the topic as well so be sure to not miss that,

Enterprise Micro-Applications (Part 1): 
Showcasing iPhone Apps by LEAPFactor, 
Rob Moore, Senior Director, SAP Imagineering
Lionel Carasco, CEO, LEAP Factor, Inc
This webinar will provide an overview of the new emerging enterprise micro-applications for SAP users. The speakers will define the criteria for classifying enterprise micro-applications, share latest trends in the industry, as well as discuss the methodology and the associated benefit. They will share examples of iPhone apps as well as talk about micro-application development and deployment model.

Enterprise Micro-Applications (Part 2): 
Showcasing Google Gadgets by SEAL Consulting, 
RobMoore, Senior Director, SAP Imagineering
Bill White, VP Strategy, SEAL Consulting, Inc
Vaidy Iyer, Solution Director, SEAL Consulting, Inc
       This webinar will detail how enterprise micro-apps can deliver the enterprise data and functionality contextually in the user’s work environment  – mobile and/or within other productivity applications while ensuring that various degrees of security is provided given the sensitivity of the data and transactions moving in/out of enterprise applications . The speakers will share examples of such micro-apps such as Google Gadgets created for role based diverse business transactions in SAP software. 

To register just check out their home page here.

One of our partners presented an impressive demo during the Demo Jam around the iPhone and our own CRM technologies.

And they were not alone just check out some of the highlights!

Not to be left out our own Alexis live demoed in the SAP TechEd Demo Jam in Vienna (37′ to 43′) and won! (1H 20′)


For now I’m going to be paying extremely close attention to this area of our industry because I strongly feel that the innovation that will be taking place here will be game changers moving forward!

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  • Craig
    Agree with your observations. One of the advantages of micro apps is also the total cost of ownership along with high volume/ low price.
    I would say microapps could to be IT industry what nano technolgy is to manufacturing industry.
    Make small cool apps that are user centric but when aggregated, provides enterprise level application.
    My 2 cents.