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Micro Applications – What? How? Why?

Time is precious .. We want to consume data faster, on the go, and in smaller chunks. We want to carry the internet and our work in our pockets through smart devices. Our favorite online tools such as the iPhone, iGoogle, Android, Twitter, and Facebook have infiltrated the corporate environment. This helps us get the information we want faster and easily consumable. What about our enterprise critical data that resides in our enterprise systems on to these devices or in-context of our personalized information services. This is where Enterprise Micro Applications come into play.

With Enterprise Micro Applications, there is no longer the need to launch a standalone enterprise application. Instead they deliver targeted information and enterprise application functionality based on role, requirement and channel of choice – mobile, imbedded, or desktop. They are lightweight application extensions that allow easy consumption of enterprise data, when and where you need it.

The concept of Enterprise Micro Applications is based on the fact that customers want specific role based functionality, not entire product suites, and choice of UI channel of how that information is being delivered, for example: work order detail and approve/reject functions.

There is no need any longer to log into an enterprise application in order to just approve/reject an event. Micro Applications allow you this functionality without even opening the enterprise software.

Micro Applications are Easily developed: instead of standard development time it takes to develop a whole applications,these snippets of data take weeks instead of years to develop like standard applications. Enterprise MicroApplications consume the existing BAPIs, RFCs and web services. This allows you to extend your enterprise without creating any additional work.

Micro Applications are Easily consumed: MicroApplications require no training. They work inline on your device or within the web-based information services you use. You can extend the Enterprise MicroApplications to desktop, imbedded in a Google Sites, or a standalone widget/gadget or to any mobile device such as iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry or Motorola.

Micro Applications are Secure: Since they extend your enterprise security, MicroApplications allow you to secure the data the same way your enterprise application does. The security that is enabled in your SAP environment is extended to the MicroApplications.

So how do you get started on this..

First listen to the webinar on December 8th, that is being presented by the SAP EcoHub team. Showcasing iPhone Apps by LEAPFactor. Click here to register.

Read the How to Guides that have been authored by the Imagineering team.  Click here to access the How to Guides

Explore the ES Workplace – resource for backend developers to find, download and test enterprise services that service as the foundation for Micro Applications. 

If you want to see examples of the MicroApplications, visit the EcoHub and the Imagineering wiki where you will see videos of MicroApplications working on all the mobile platforms. Imagineering Wiki

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