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Video: Postal Validation in CRM 7.0

Incomplete and wrong addresses are real pain-points especially in CRM.

This recording shows how Postal Validation works in CRM and how this helps to improve data-quality.

Here the user can enter an address of a new Account (Prospect) which is incomplete and/or incorrect and the data-input is the basis to run the postal validation automatically.

Dependent on the data-input there are several steps to adjust the data or a unique address can get determined directly.

The completed and standardized address is shown within a popup and the user can accept the validated address or he can use the original address.

In this example the postal validation is based on SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Quality Management software.

The validated Address improves also the quality of every duplicate check. So the Postal Validation helps to prevent the entry of redundant account-records.

Here the Link to the Video:

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  • Hi Arno,

    thank you for this nice little Video about the functionality in CRM. We do only maintain Customers and Prospects in our ERP 6.0 EHP4 System. Do you know if the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Quality Management Tool can also be used there? For which Countries does the Data Quality Management Tool provide the postal addresses?

    Best regards
    Gregor Wolf

    • Hi Gregor!
      SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Quality Management can get used for CRM AND ERP.
      I don't know exactly which Countries are supported but according to the official presentation almost all Countries are covered (200 plus Countries). I will ask my colleagues for which Countries a postal validation is not yet available.
      Best regards
  • This is the problem what we have in our existing system, many duplicates are created.

    CRM 7.0 has the solution, but do you have any idea how the existing duplicates can be validated.

    • Hello Vikram!
      Happy new Year! There is an option to remove existing duplicate records again. Within my blog "
      CRM - Why is it so important to take care for Data Quality?" you can find several options.
      The Data Quality Administration Framework is an option to automatically identify duplicate records within target groups with many Business Partner. It's also possible to create Cleansing Cases and to merge Duplicates automatically.
      Best regards