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3rd at DemoJam SAPTeched Phoenix 2009

We are proud to announce you that we (BusinessObject and SAP research) finished 3rd at DemoJam Teched 2009 in Phoenix, with the so called “Sensor Monitoring” demonstration. This demonstration is a joint effort between BusinessObject Innovation Center in Paris (with Alexis Naibo and Dan Marinescu), and SAP research in Sophia Antipolis (Laurent Gomez and Cedric Ulmer, SAP Research France).

Over the past years, the integration of Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) into Business Applications attracted a lot of researchers [1]. Wireless Sensor Networks are composed of sensor nodes capable of measuring the physical world. Those nodes can sense a large diversity of physical information such as light or temperature in a room. With their ability to control and monitor physical environment, WSNs raise the interest of different business domains, ranging from defense, public security [2], manufacturing and traffic control to health care.

In order to demonstrate the feasibility of integrating sensor nodes with SAP technology, BusinessObjects Innovation Center and SAP Research SRC Sophia Antipolis in France stepped up to build a demo dashboard based on SAP technologies (Event Driven Business Intelligence [3] and Xcelsius Enterprise® software [4]) that integrates real crossbow nodes.

Crossbow sensor nodes collects temperature, light, humidity. The information is  pushed to the Event Driven Business Intelligence engine.
EDBI processed sensor data and pushed them to a Xcelsius Enterprise® dashboard. The dashboard enables the visualization of received sensor data in a user-friendly matter.


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[4], Xcelsius® software,

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