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What Hacker Night means to me

As many of you know we have now finished our 3rd season of the “Hacker Night” event during the SAP TechEd stops and I wanted to take a moment to share what “Hacker Night” means to me, because for me it’s part of who I am. For those new to our community you may only know me as the guy constantly blogging and all that but for those of you who have been around for awhile you’ll also know I’m a developer and I have been for many years, well over 20 actually. So the “Hacker Night” event that we put on during the SAP TechEd’s in the US, EU and India are a chance for me to dust off my dev skills and “get back into it” and I enjoy that imensely! In fact between that and the Demo Jam I couldn’t think of any better reason to suffer through long flights and living out of a suit case 😉

OK that’s not entirely true you all know how much I love getting to spend time around the world with all of you!

So “Hacker Night” a 3rd successful year and a personal “highlight” for me and here are some of the reason from the mouths of those who attended with me.

“Everything was great as always! Love to see so many people getting their hands dirty with Flex devlopment! -:D”

Not to mention the feedback in regards to individual aspects so far, and from feedback we’ve only gotten about a 1/3 back!







Each year we set out to organize Hacker Night is the start of something very special for me, it’s a chance to bring people with passion together, to share coding experience, application ideas and a good time in an otherwise hectic and chaotic world with each other!

For me a personal highlight is “Hacker Night” and it would not be what it is without all of you! Thank you!



And thank you to our awesome sponsors who made it happen!

I also wanted to share in part an email I sent to all the attendees this year!

It’s almost December and that means that our SAP TechEd 2009 season has come to an official end and that means we have completed our 3rd year of “Hacker Night” events around the world. If you are receiving this mail it’s because you signed up to attend or you physically attended one of our events in Phoenix, Vienna and/or Bangalore.

With any event we need to justify and quantify our efforts and to do this we need your help. Some of you have already taken the few minutes to fill out the following survey, thank you!, for those of you who have not I ask that you please do your part to help me ensure management understands the value that these events bring! We’ve a lot of plans for 2010 but in order to get started and get the needed approvals for the possibility of a 24 hour long event, integration with other aspects of the overall SAP TechEd event I need your feedback!

Very surprisingly I got an immediate response back from someone who attended in Phoenix who was not a developer who shared with me that what they learned that night they have already put to real life use since the event – now if I could just convince her to blog the very cool story she shared with me!

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  • The tech geek/hacker feel to the evening is what gives this session the edge and having the chance to get up close and ask questions to the likes of Rich and Thomas is invaluable.

    Keep up the great work and look forwards to participating again next year!