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Using BSP Element Expressions (BEEs) in HCM E-Recruiting

 ” Using BSP Element Expressions (BEEs) in HCM E-Recruiting:



I got requirement to add custom fields for Standard HCM E-Recruiting Page, which is totally responsible for particular Infotype . Its can be easy to display custom fields in any standard BSP page, but updating the new custom field in the same Infotype and also to retrieve the same info in different portal BSP page is not a easy task. We should enhance several class methods to implement the same.

I got an idea to use BEE methods in Class CL_HRRCF_UI_SERVICES .

Instead of Enhancing class and Layouts we can use the BEEs to do the same with very less effort.


By using this approach we can save great coding and layout designing effort.

Getting Started:

 I am going to add one Drop down BOX in my Candidate-Job Description Standard BSP  page.

From the BSP Application side:

a) This is the Standard BSP page for Job description , After login into the Erec Page, RecruiteràRequisitions–MaintanenceàCreate Requistion—General Job Information


i)  In the Layout page of the particular view, ensure the below code snippet is there other wise you have implement the same.




b)    In your corresponding controller class behind the view in method DO_REQUESTImplement define the below method get_customer_fields( ).  Implement the below code snippet into your method, Here I am going to add two fields for JOB description Page which corresponds to P5126 infotype.




c)   i) Now go to your Infotype structure P5126 and add the new fields in Custom   include (CI_INCLUDE)  ( Include component type of CI_P5126)    

      ii)  Add the new ‘Z’ Fields and add the range of values which should display in DROP down box in your ‘Domain Values’.

d) Refresh your BSP page and you will get the BSP page with newly added BSP component “Drop Down Box”. 




 Overall it only took about less than one hours to implement and test , BEEs helped me to reduce by Effort and its very powerful.

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