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Receiver Generation- Automatic Device Creation in Netweaver Mobile 7.1

In case for a requirement for the creation of ‘n’ number of Logical Devices in the DOE Admin , it will not be practical to create all the devices manually. In such cases we go for making use of the receiver generation data objects.

Receiver Generation is a type of data object category which facilitates the following:

·         Automatic Creation of device definitions

·         Extraction is done from the backend system, data stored in Consolidated Data Store (CDS) and Device Inventory

·         Mapping of DO Node attributes to Receiver Meta Model (RMM) attributes.


RFC Destination from Mobile Server to the Backend Server to be defined.

Get List BAPI Wrapper (At Least) which gives the DEVICE NAME, USERNAME (SAP Mobile Server USERNAME), DEVICE TYPE, and LANGUAGE as its output.

SWCV should be available in Mobile Server.


In our e.g. the output of the BAPI Wrapper is as shown.

The name of the Wrapper in this case is   “Z_AUTO_DEVICE_CREATION” (This Wrapper needs to be mapped while creating the Backend Adapter in the middleware) which is shown later in this session


There are four entries available as the output of the Wrapper. In this case, we expect four devices to be created automatically in the DOE Admin.

Go to the mobile server. Open up the SWCV where we are going to create the Receiver Generation data object. In our case, the SWCV is “AUTO_DEV_SWCV, 1.0 of DEMO.COM” with Data Object (Receiver Generation Category) as “AUTO_DEV_DO” and Backend Adapter as “AUTO_DEV_BA”.


A data object which is of receiver generation category will always have its direction as “download only”. This Is clear because this type of category only pulls data to the CDS ,but does not require to bring the data back to the R/3 system.

image”  The The node structure of T_DEVICE_STR. (The output structure of the BAPI Wrapper)


Once the Data Object and the Backend Adapter is activated, we need to perform steps in the RMM

T-Code àSDOE_RMM01

Create a Customizing Group in the RMM



” mce_src=”image


” mce_src=”image

Now we need to select the Data Object Association Tab and select “Insert”. The following screen appears when the insert button is clicked .The relevant information is provided such as the

·         The SWCV Name (In Our e.g. AUTO_DEV_SWCV , 1.0 OF  DEMO.COM)

·         Category Will be REG (Receiver Generation by default and it will be a read only field.

·         The data object name

Once the above information is keyed in, populate the mandatory fields for device creation from the help available (the help shows the field attributes only from the node structure (T_DEVICE_STR).




Help for Created By (Values shown from the node structure of DO)

Populate the following attributes column

·         CREATED BY

·         DEVICE_TYPE

·         NAME

·         LANGUAGE


Generate the RMM.

Perform Backend Trigger Load for the SWCV (SDOE_LOAD)


Load brings in the 4 device relevant entries to the backend.

Now, go the DOE Administrator and we will be able to find the 4 devices created automatically.





This is the simplest example to demonstrate automatic device creation.

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