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Central Monitoring Setup concept for Beginner

There are number of blogs already available on this topic of “Central Monitoring using CCMS Infrastructure”. Dirk Jenrich already shared lot of information related to Central Monitoring through his blogs  (/people/dirk.jenrich/blog).     So, you must be thinking “What’s the new information which will be shared through  this blog?”. Answer is Nothing New 🙂 , however i would rather try to make this topic(concept) more clear for any beginner.    Central Computing Management System (CCMS) infrastucture provides the functionality to Centrally monitor all your resources, components & scenario (in some cases) in your entire landscape.     You can configure any Double Stack system to act as as Central Monitoring System  (CEN system) for your landscape. Generally, SAP Solution Manager (with latest release) is used as CEN system. This system will then collect the data from the shared memory segment of all monitored (or managed) system & throws alert based on defined threshold condition.     There are 2 known methods to perform Central Monitoring using CCMS infrastructure : RFC Monitoring – which does not require any agent installation. However using this method would require an extra work process for data transfer. To perform RFC monitoring, just schedule the background dispatching job on monitored system   ( after setting-up CEN system) & create remote monitoring entry (OR create collect & analyze RFCs using SM59) from your CEN system to monitored system. Using this method data is actually pulled by your CEN system from shared memory of managed system. *CCMS Agent – which requires the installation of CCMS agent on the managed system (i.e, host). This method doesn’t require any work process becoz in this case CCMS agent will push the data from Managed system to CEN system  ( I prefer to use this method for monitoring purpose). Depending on the type of managed system  (ABAP or JAVA) you have to install CCMS agent  (CCM4X or CCMSR). CCMS Agent provide various features to enhance the monitoring functionality of managed system. Like, monitoring of log files, OS data monitoring, event log monitoring etc.  (  CCMSPING Agent – another type (CCM4X & CCMSR) agent mainly used to perform the availability monitoring in a landscape. CCMSPing works very similar to PING command (to check availability of system in network)  (, to check the availability of any particular Message Server. This agent should be installed once per landscape ( ofcourse more than one installation is also possible), and it should point the Central Monitoring System (CEN) of your entire lanscape. Then from CEN system we can configure the CCMSPing monitoring (or availability)  ( for other managed system using Tx : RZ21 > Technical Infrastructure > Availability monitoring > Configure CCMSPing Monitoring. image

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      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath
      I'm far from a beginner at system monitoring, so maybe I should not comment on a blog targeted at beginners.  However, there doesn't seem to be any material here a beginner would not get from the wealth of confusing online "help" material.

      It might be better if you shared (1) what you have done with these tools, (2) what worked well for you, and (3) how long it took you.  We'll leave aside how much system resources are needed to build out a stable monitoring infrastructure.

      Looking forward to your next installment.