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Model your Composite Application in NetWeaver CE 7.1 Ehp 1

From NetWeaver 2004S to NetWeaver CE 7.1 we have created composite application from Composite Application Explorer and for Business Object and Application Service we have used right click on composite application project. But from NW CE 7.1 Ehp 1 we can create Application Service, Business Object, Operation and we can import external service and all the related activities using graphical tool and here we need to use just drag and drop features. I will share here how you can model CAF project using graphical tool.

<u>Introduction of CAF modeling Tool</u>

Please go to Composite Application perspective using the link Window -> Open Perspective -> Others ->

Composite Application and create a CAF project, called  cafempl

The composite project will be available in Composite Application Explorer. Now right click on project +cafempl + and select Open Diagram. On right hand side you will get CAF model diagram board.

Within the Palette you will get the entire required artifact which you need to model your composite application. Please find below the diagram for details



Business Object_*

From the Palette click

on Business Object Node and drag it to design board. It will ask you for

business object name. Please put the business object name like Employee and click on Finish.


To create an attribute select Attribute from Palette and drag it on business object Employee and put the attribute name like

empId, type is String.


Same way as above please add another attribute called empName, type is String.To create an operation please select Operation from Palette and drag it on BO Employee. In the wizard please put the name of operation +searchEmployeeById + and select empId

as input parameter of the operation and click on Finish.

*_Create an

Application Service_ *

From the Palette click on Application Service and drag it to design board. It will ask you

for Application Service name. Please

put the Application Service name like

EmployeeApp and click on Finish. To create an operation please

select Operation from Palette and

drag it on Application Service EmployeeApp.

In the wizard please put the name of operation, +getEmployeeNameById +and clicks on Finish.

To make the dependency between Employee BO and EmployeeApp

application service please select +AS

Dependency + from Palette and drag it

from +EmployeeApp + application service to +Employee + BO.


Note: From the

Permissions tab page of BO please uncheck +permission

check enabled+ check box.

Now from Composite Application Explorer edit the application

service EmployeeApp and switch to

operations tab page. Please select the operation (getEmployeeNameById) which

you have created for application service. Bellow of the screen you will get the

operations parameters. Please add input parameters, output parameters and

faults for the operation like below.

To put your business logic please switch to Implementation

tap page and put the following code within the operation +getEmployeeNameById +and also put the return result.

public java.lang.String

getEmployeeNameById(java.lang.String employeeId) throws {


employeeServiceLocal = this.getEmployeeService();

        String emplname =


return emplname;


*_Build, Deploy and


Now save and generate the application. Next you need to go

for build and after successful building please deploy it in server (Before

deploy please make it confirm that your server is configured in NWDS). After

successful deployment we can go for testing. To test the application please

open the link, http://<Host>:<Port>/caf ->Service Browser. Here

you will find you project within navigator. Please select your Business Object,

Employee and create some data like below.


Now select your application service operation

and put the employee id like 01234 and execute. You will get the result.

*_Note_: *Within the cafempl/metadata

you will find the .xmi (XML Metadata

Interchange) file corresponding to your diagram.


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