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Logs, traces and client images of NetWeaver Mobile Client.


There are different logs required by a developer to understand different issues. For example  

  • Traces are the most helpful for the developer, as there, he can find any exception that might have occurred.
  • If the trace shows a DB exception than DB traces might be required to understand if the query fired on the database was formed correctly.
  • If the GUI is not proper, for example the buttons are longer than specified or a GUI element is not working properly, in such case WebDynpro Logs are required.
  • In case of Synchronization failure or data corruption on the application, Synchronization logs are required to analyse the problem.
  • In most cases an image of the client (client directory zipped and a backup of the client database) is helpful, this helps the developer to debug the issue on his end if he does not require DOE access and can reproduce the issue locally.

Certain other information like the build date of the client, lets the developer know if the issue is due to some missing change or due to the client in use being an older release, it is also important that the developer knows which SP is being used, this information is critical as he needs to make his fix and test the fix for this SP.

Before making any change to any files the client needs to be shutdown completely. To completely shutdown the client first close the GUI and than run C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Netweaver Mobile Client\shutdown.bat and C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Netweaver Mobile Client\stopmonitor.bat

Providing the logs and traces.

  • Close the client completely.
  • The client logs and traces are created in the C:\Program Files\SAP\MobileClients\log. Zip this folder and attach to the oss.

Activating the Sync logs.

  • Stop the client completely.
  • Add the below mentioned lines in the C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Netweaver Mobile Client\settings\ file
  • Save the file.
  • Restart the client and reproduce the issue (perform a sync in this case).
  • The sync logs are generated in the C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Netweaver Mobile Client\synclog folder.
  • Zip them and upload to the oss.

Activating MaxBD Traces

  • Close the Mobile client completely.
  • Open file present in the settings folder in the client root folder.
  • Change to\\trace.txt
  • Save the file.
  • Restart the client and perform the activity which has issue.
  • The traces are generated as txt files in C:\, zip them and upload to oss.

Taking PDA Client image.

  • Zip and upload the complete mi folder to the oss.

Taking Laptop Client Image (MaxDB backup and Mobile Client Zip).

  • Close the running client completely
  • Take a db backup in the following way:
  1. Start Database Manager.
  2. Select Backup and fill in the required fields like, database server= localhost, database name=midb, username=DBA and the password.
  3. Select Complete Data Backup.
  4. Just above the buttons select the second icon “New Medium” in the pane.
  5. Name=C:\ (copy paste this as \ becomes _ while typing)
  6. In the field Device/File give a name.
  7. The backup is created in C:\sdb\data\wrk\MIDB in my machine( wost case you can search by the name of the file on the disk)
  • Zip the complete root folder of the client along with all its content
  • Load the dbbackup and client zip to SAPMats.                        

 Providing Build Information.

  •  Attach the build.txt file from the client root folder to the oss.

Provide detailed reproduction steps.

  • Give detailed steps to reproduce the issue Ex: which application link to click and what data to enter.
  • If the Application uses language other than English, it is helpful to provide screen shots to help the developer know how to reproduce the issue.

Activating of WebDynpro Logs.

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      Author's profile photo Gopal Jee
      Gopal Jee
      It will be helpful for customers in troubleshooting...
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Debdutt,
         This is really nice one and will be helpful when we are raising an OSS for any issue.
         I have one question regarding this. If at customer's end we find any problem and was reported to us as NetWeaver Mobile consultant, how can we replicate the same problem on developer's machine?
         In short, how to replicate the problem after receiving MAXDB backup and client image? Will be really helpful if you can throw some light on this.