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HCM Processes & Forms: Data Sharing

Does the header look familiar? Yes, I copied the header format from Chris Solomon’s excellent blogs on HCM Processes & Forms (HCM P&F). 

During my implementation of a position change process, I had a peculiar issue with data sharing that I would like to share with the SDN community. According to my knowledge, there is no SAP documentation that covers Data Sharing in an HCM P&F context and therefore it seems relevant to write this blog in order to help others with Data Sharing related problems. The process involves updating infotype 0000 and 0001 using service SAP_PA in an ECC6 EhP 2 environment.


When pressing check and send in my Adobe Interactive form I got the following error messages: 

  • Change too far in payroll past. Message no. PG349
  • Grouping not possible for infotype 0021 4 time constraint 3 I. Message no. PBAS_SERVICE043
  • Change in the payroll past not possible. Message no. PG710
  • Change before earliest retro. date 2007.01.01 acc. to control rec. to py area 02. Message no. RP456


As a developer, my starting point was to analyze the process via debugging. I found that the method call TRIGGER_REGROUPING was always executed when pressing check and send. The method call resides within the MODIFY method of class CL_HRPA_MASTERDATA_BL. Despite that my form only updates infotype 0001 and 0000, the TRIGGER_REGROUPING method checked data sharing of 58 infotypes. At a later point, I understood that the 58 infotypes were derived from table T582G – Infotype: Grouping Reason. I tried to figure out why the application wanted to check data sharing and found more information on the following link:  Data Sharing on

Reading the help documentation carefully, I concluded that data sharing was not applicable for my process because of the following quotes:


  • “Data sharing is part of the enhanced functions of Concurrent Employment.”
  • “To be able to use data sharing, the new infotype framework must be active. This is the case, if at least one of the T77S0 switches CCURE GLOPY, CCURE GLEMP, or CCURE MAINS is active.”

None of the above mentioned T77S0 switches were active. Until this day, I still do not understand why class CL_HRPA_MASTERDATA_BL checks data sharing even if these switches are not active and Concurrent Employment is not used!?


Eager to make my form process work, I decided to accept the fact that data sharing is always checked and focus on how to solve the data sharing problem. Implementing SAP Note 783499 was the solution. The note describes how to clean up data sharing inconsistencies using report RPUFIXDS. I scheduled a batch job to run the report for 15000 employees. It ran approximately 40 minutes.  

If you face problems repairing data sharing inconsistencies please adjust table T582G and/or the Personnel Assignment Groupings (img-> Personnel Management-> Personnel Management-> Basic Settings-> Basic Settings for Concurrent Employment-> Editor for Personnel Assignment Groupings) according to your needs. 

After running report RPUFIXDS the error messages were gone. 

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      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      Very nice blog!! (and nice header format....hahaha)

      Yep, this one is one that comes up ALL the time EVERYWHERE it seems. Not just HCM P&F but also in ESS a LOT and MSS at times too. In my opinion, SAP never really came out with a legitimate fix for it (running the RPUFIXDS report program seems half-done).

      Thanks for writing it up and I am sure it will help others!