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SAP System Implementation & Business Process Reengineering

From my point of view, the process of SAP system implementation is just the process of Enterprise’s business process engineering! This was my strong feeling which came into my mind after I instructed a class in SCM630, because SAP Warehouse Management module has already provided a set of integrated and efficient customized applications, it’s very useful! But why some companies always thought that they couldn’t make use of WM module very well, after they implemented WM module!? Researching into the root cause, it’s the Business Process Reengineering whether the company uses and optimizes during implementing SAP standard processes, based on its own operation processes! So I started to seek the knowledge on the internet for BPR–Business Process Reengineering.

BPR–Business Process Reengineering, is the fundamentally rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed. To change the traditional management mode by business process reengineering, establishes the modern enterprise system which can acclimatize itself to the continuously updated market economy, including modern enterprise management system, organizational structure and operation manner.

It happens to have the same view with SAP product’s essential idea! On second thoughts it’s the important prerequisite if the company wants to implement SAP system successfully, it must carry out the proper business process reengineerig!

SAP system is just the system of ERP operation process, this cannot help myself remembering, the catchword “ERP” has already been mentioned on Chinese mother earth for so many years, but up to now, why it’s many foreign capital companies in China that can declare the implementation of ERP system were successfully in their companies. And then many domestic companies, even many national companies decided to try ERP in the companies, but their outcome of ERP implementation were not good, so as to someone extremely complained that the software of ERP system is not good!? I think our countrymen have to examine our conscience, whichever both foreign capital comany and domestic company do enterprise management all, why there is so big gap between them? In the final analysis, I think many domestic companies and ERP consultants didn’t take BPR into consideration.

In China there was a very famous historic litterateur — Mr. Lu Xun said ” All good things are human mutual treasure, during China developing, the good things from foreign country which are beneficial to making China progress, we can make use of them.” SAP system is the very efficient system of ERP management, domestic companies must not fully and blindly copy the best practises of foreign companies, they need properly and effectively to fine-tune their own business operation process accordingly base on theirself characteristics, after that they can use the powerful functions of SAP system!

I believe, it’s the general trends that our domestic companies must be continuously developing and mighty, as long as our domestic companies wanna be stronger, it’s a very important tache that BPR is for the company! So to be a good SAP consultant, who must have the sense to combine SAP implementation and BPR, and take BPR into consideration during SAP implementing. We knew, SAP system is a very useful and efficient tool for enterprise BPR, the target of SAP system implementation is not just go-live, the original intention of SAP is, after SAP system go-live the company can combine SAP standard processes and its own business processes and make company’s business processes better than before!

In my opinion, the enterprise culture and its special business processes is the kernel of enterprise management, so the implementation of SAP system must focus on the business processes reengineering!

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