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<body><p>We use xmlforms for publishing news, articles etc… These xml forms are build based on Forms Builder. We can make these xml forms available in KM folders by using ‘Forms Availability’ option in system Administration ->System Configuration->KM->CM->Forms Based Publishing.</p><p>In this topic I am not going to explain about creating the xml forms using Forms Builder as it is already covered by many experts.</p><p>When we use xml forms for publishing the news, it will store as the Title name that was given by you. </p><p>But if you create your own template, then we generally use name/title UI element in the xml form. This UI element is mapped with the property ‘displayname’ as shown below.</p><p>!|height=351|alt=XML Form Builder|width=693|src=|border=0!</p><p>If this property is not mapped in the Property Reference, then it will save in its short id which is alphanumeric. If we have so many news items or articles created based on this xml form, then it is very difficult to identify particular news based on the short id. So it is recommended to use the ‘displayname’ property as reference. Also Title Attribute is created in the database schema and is mapped in edit form and show form with schema reference property.</p><p>Let us say some articles and news are created based on xml form template that you created.  Now when you open any of the article/news it will display in the browser with the window title of that xml form name. </p><p>It is good if we display the article name as window title name when you open an article. </p><p>If you want to display the  article name as window title name then you need  to open the xsl file. Suppose your xml form name is  ‘testForm’.  Once you build this form using forms builder,  then the relevant files will store in </p><p>Content Administration -> KM Content .</p><p>Navigate to Root ->etc->xmlforms.  Open the folder of your xml form ‘testForm’.</p><p>Open the  testFormShow.xsl file. Download that to your desktop.</p><p>Open the xsl file in Notepad and Navigate to </p><p> </p><p><Head><title></p><p>…..</p><p>….</p><p></title><head></p><p>Comment all the code inside the title tag and add the below code </p><p><xsl:call-template name=”outputvalue”></p><p>      <xsl:with-param select=”Title” name=”value”/></p><p></xsl:call-template></p><p>where title is the UI element of xml form where it is mapped with display name properties.</p><p>Article before changes title

Article before code changes

Article after changes to title

!|height=200|alt=Article after code changes|width=301|src=|border=0!</body>

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