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ChunkMode for Binary File Transfer within PI 7.1 EHP1

While playing with  PI 7.1 EHP1 I found an interesting feature that can easily support file-to-file transfer scenario especially dealing with big file size. The feature is only available for file-to-file scenario using EOIO quality of service. The feature is named ChunkMode and it enables splitting binary sender files into fixed “chunks” in order to process big file without affecting J2EE engine of PI system.

Even if this feature seems to be not yet mentioned into SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 EHP1 documentation page, the screenshot below shows the additional attributes of Adapter Metadata File into PI 7.1 EHP1 not present into PI 7.1 version one.


Adapter Metadata


To enable ChunkMode, at first, set the Quality of Service to Exactly Once In Order with a specified queue name for the sender communication channel then set the advanced mode of the channel and define the Maximum Size[MB] for the chunks. As  receiver communication channel no relevant options must be configured.






For testing the solution just create an Integrated Configuration object to define a scenario using sender and receiver communication channel before mentioned. In the test I did, some files were placed inside one ftp server and then processed successfully using EOIO with chosen queue name as shown in the pictures.




 Communication Channel Detail


Finally I did some tests tuning chunk size of sender communication channel, and that is  the summary of processing time for the qualitative test done.


Test result

That’s all.

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    • It is not a native function of the JMS adapter, but with the help of the header parameters you can make sure a split message (chunks delivered for example from any Seeburger adapter which about all allow to split on sender channel) can be sent to the JMS server and re-combined in the correct order there.

      You do not even need EOIO for that transfer as recombining chunks is a standard functionality for many JMS servers.

      The example where I have seen this in action was (99% sure) Seeburger AS/2 Sender to JMS Receiver adapter connecting to WebSphere MQ.

      With the file adapter now allowing splits, you might be able to do the same thing out of the box with standard SAP functionality.

  • Hello,

    This looks like a cool option to have even before 7.3 but do not seem to see this option in my File Adapter metadata. I am on PI 7.11 SP03.
    Also it is strange as SAP is one of the promotion points for PI 7.3 is to allow processing if big files. If it was already available in 7.11 then they would have not mentioned it in 7.3.

    Can you please confirm?


      • No luck even with the search in the metadata :(.

        Can you give me your mail id and i can send a screenshot of the search i have done on the adapter metadata?

        Any other issue you can think of?


  • Hi

    Please let me know if this option could be implemented on 7.11 Production environments. As confirmed by SAP seems this is available from 7.3 only. Please advice. Thanks in advance