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SAP NetWeaver Data Orchestration Engine (SAP NW DOE) provides a strong middleware for synchronizing data between enterprise information systems (EIS) and a large number of receivers. The most important use case is data synchronization between occasionally connected mobile devices and SAP backend applications.

Since DOE acts as a data distributer between the backend systems and the receivers, it’s often necessary for the administrators to check the status of the data that is being exchanged through DOE; whether the data sent from the mobile device (receiver) is successfully uploaded to backend or the receiver got the latest data etc.

Currently to get this status, the administrators have to run through various monitoring tools. The various monitoring tools are made to monitor specific processes (receiver upload, backend load etc) and unless the administrator has a clear understanding of what all processes are getting executed for a particular scenario, the simple status check can become very tedious.

To overcome all these difficulties, a new wonder tool; “Data Monitoring” has been introduced. This new monitoring tool is designed to give comprehensive information regarding the status of data in the DOE system.

The tool has excellent search capability. You can search based on any field of any data object. For example you can search for a sales order with ID 1234 or sales order(s) with a particular region/user etc. The search result will show all the records that match the search criteria. On choosing one of the search results, the tool will give the overall status (Red/Yellow/Green) of the particular data selected.

In case of error, it shows the exact reason say data is waiting in the queue, queue is struck, business error, communication errors etc. Also it shows the list of intended receivers for this particular data instance and whether the receiver got the data or not.

The screen shot of the new tool can be found here  

Let’s take one specific scenario in which the mobile user uploads some data from his device. She/he syncs multiple times, but doesn’t receive the confirmation from server. Currently the administrator has to go through the following steps to determine the problem

  • Check “Client Session Monitor” to verity the session details.
  • Then check “Message monitor” to track the message, but couldn’t find it
  • Checks short dumps in system using ST22
  • Check queues using “Queue Monitor”
  • Finds that device inbound queue is locked.

Now with this new tool, Administrator check the status using ‘Data Monitor’ and the result shows that device inbound queue is locked.

For most of the similar scenarios from earlier 3-5 steps using various tools and try to conclude from the info given by various tool, the number of steps is reduced to just one. Search in data monitor and get the status. Our studies show that with this new tool, the total time spent by the administrators on various monitoring activities, can be reduced by a whopping 50%.

This new tool is available with 7.1 SP09 and above.

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  1. Former Member
    where is it ?, I can see in the DOE Administrator:
    Client Communication Session Monitoring
    Device Logs Monitoring
    Message Monitoring
    Logs and Traces
    Queue Tracking
    Delta Generation Monitoring

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