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My new BPM experience, a process automation

Hello there!

This blog is created to share my experience in learning about BPM to develop process automation for my university thesis.

I´m an industrial engineering student at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia.

At the beginning my thesis was about open source ERP systems for medium and small sized companies, but my thesis director proposed to me this new topic that I´ve never known about.

BPM? Business Process Management or Business Process Modeling? Business Process Maps perhaps?

I read a little about the topic and I Loved it.

For me, summing all that BPM is and represents is Business Agility for change in the business world.

This magic mix between IT and Business process administration is the answer to the future of the companies in the planet.

Why can I say that? This is the best answer for the fast changing business environment methodologies and theories that IT has ever offered to managers.

This way the system adapts to the company, not the company who has to adapt to the system!!!! Cheers for that!

As you can imagine, I need a lot of help to develop this project so I contacted Belmer Corrales and Luis Carlos Barrera from SAP Andean & Caribbean.

These engineers are very busy people but they saw my e-mail and contacted me for an interview about my project!!!!

They read my project, they liked it and they started to support me with it. I still can´t believe how lucky I am!

This was like 6 months ago and now I have the SAP Netweaver BPM Demo version in my PC, I have something like 2.600 web services to use for my project and TONS of material to read about BPM.

One of the objectives in the project is to choose the most adequate BPMS for my project and the all I have to say in that objective is: I choose SAP because they have the best enterprise systems, the best engineers, best documentation and because they are supporting me since the very beginning of the project idea!  YEEEAH!!!!

I´ll be writing a weekly post for my SCN blog 😉 about this amazing experience that I´m living here and my steps in this new SAP world!


I´ve been searching for some documentation of the supply process of the SAP ERP system to see the web services involved in the system but it has been very difficult to find… DO YOU KNOW ANY MATERIAL WHERE I CAN FIND THIS?

What is the best way to learn about the best web services for my project?


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