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Why I Blog on SCN

For me there are many personal benefits to blogging on SCN, including recognition of my subject matter expertise by a community of my peers and fulfillment of work MBOs. However the most meaningful benefit is the interaction and dialog it can create with others who share my passion for business intelligence. The open exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices that blogging facilitates can be a catalyst for innovation and change that increases the value derived from technology.


In fact, history shows that the sharing of information enables change that transforms peoples’ lives. The invention of the printing press in the 1400s helped fuel the European Renaissance by making new ideas available to a much larger audience. The telegraph, telephone, radio, television and internet each in turn enabled further business, societal and cultural changes.


Although I don’t expect my blog to change the world, it does enable me to participate in and influence the world of business intelligence. I get to share and discuss ideas with people I might never meet face to face, which helps me expand my sphere of contact and influence. I’m also forced to look at my assumptions and biases and listen to other points of view with an open mind, which helps me helps me expand my concept of what is possible and engage in more thoughtful and meaningful dialog.


Everyone possesses knowledge that can be of benefit to someone else. Blogging on SCN makes it easy for you to share your unique knowledge and experiences. And your participation could not only benefit you but possibly change someone’s career, the success of a company, or maybe even the world.

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  • Very nicely put, Dan.

    To corraborate, a news item from ‘Guardian’ by Sam Jones comes to mind.
    I quote from our national newspaper ‘The Hindu’ which included it today.
    It is titled: “Facebook project gives world peace a chance – Aims to bring bitter opponents together”.
    To quote a few lines:
    “A joint project between Facebook and the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University – called – is trying to bring together opposing sides in some most bitterly divided areas of the planet, encouraging online friendships between Jews and Muslims, U.S.Liberals and conservatives, and Turks and Greeks….
    Facebook says it is proud to be doing its bit for world peace by using technology help people better understand each other….
    The Peace Dot Initiative, of which the Facebook is a part, aims to encourage people to create web pages using the peace address in an effort to highlight the strides already being made towards peace around the world.”
    We probably must find many such examples and share among us. It would highlight the phenomenal value derived from innovative use of IT.

    Sam Anbazhagan

    • Thanks Sam.
      I grew up in a very American centric world view.
      Fortunately, I got to travel to other countries when I worked for United Airlines.
      Those experiences had a profound impact on the way I viewed the world.

      I think innovative uses of technology like the Facebook example you shared, allows people to share different view points in a safer environment than it might sometimes be face to face.

    • and this is where, against all odds, the game becomes world changing.  Keep blogging, commenting and innovatively using IT to make this a better place.  The first step is declaring it to be possible rather than posting a disclaimer that it isn’t within our capabilities to shape such change.
  • I am relatively new to blogging and social media too. My manager and I kept talking about it for a very long time, and then I jumped in. SCN was the logical choice since all my professional life was spent on SAP related matters.

    It has been a blast – but I am not a prolific blogger. On an average, I blog roughly once a month or so. But most blogs generate some discussion that then takes me through a thoroughly enjoyable conversation for next few weeks, and sometimes for months. I often learn a lot from the comments and emails that follow.

    But more than blogging myself, I enjoy reading and commenting on blogs written by others on SCN. And I am very thankful to SAP for providing such an interaction mechanism for like minded people to exchange ideas.

  • Dan,

    Yes its been a fullfilling experience to blog, i view it as an informal channel to share thoughts, opinions, perspectives and experience.
    Your points are all very good.
    With the SCN network, we do benefit significantly to catch up with peers across the globe.
    thanks for this post

    • Hi Muthu,
      Long time no talk.
      I hope things are well with you.
      I noticed you have been quite an active blogger yourself.
      Best Regards,